Saturday Garden Tour Raises Scholarship Funds

Garden tour
A home garden. | Image by Ozgur Coskun/Shutterstock

The Garden Club of Celina is hosting its biannual Home Garden Tour this Saturday to raise funds for high school seniors wishing to study STEM and agriculture at university.

On June 3 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., ticketholders can tour seven private gardens, including one winery, to the benefit of the Celina community.

Chair of the Celina Garden Tour Michella Menton said that this year’s tour would offer a lot more variety.

Julianne Gremillion owns one of the properties featured on the tour, but she doesn’t consider herself to be a professional gardener by any means.

“I just love the thrill of trying something new to me. It’s almost like a science experiment,” Gremillion said, according to NBC 5. “I think at its most basic level, it’s about hope.”

Visitors might find some inspiration for their own gardening projects or, at the very least, get some green therapy.
“I think it’s a great stress reliever if you’re into flowers and pretty things,” Menton said, according to NBC 5.

Better still, the proceeds of ticket sales will go to fund student scholarships and other philanthropic causes in the Celina area.

Tickets can be purchased online for $30 or before the tour at the Little Wooden Penguin located at 212 N. Oklahoma Dr. for $35.

“That’s what the Garden Club is all about,” said Susan Mitlyng, who is a committee member of the Celina Home Garden Tour, according to NBC 5. “Giving back to the community and maintaining an awareness of our environment and beautiful gardens.”

After picking up a ticket and a map from the Little Wooden Penguin, visitors can tour the gardens featuring both rural and urban landscapes at their own leisure.

Vendors selling a variety of items — including local wine and, of course, plants — will be stationed at each stop on the tour.

Food trucks from Chefyummi, Marilina’s Kitchen, and Coffee.N.Crumbs will also be close by.

Mimosas will be available for purchase at the end of the tour back at the Little Wooden Penguin.

The Garden Club is bringing back the donkeys from the nonprofit Donkey and Equine Haven after they were greatly appreciated by guests last year. Donkeys, as well as mules and horses, are available for adoption at this Celina rescue organization.

If you can’t make the garden tour this time around, consider checking out some garden views digitally on the Garden Club’s Instagram or Facebook page.

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