Dallas Professor Cleared of Racial Harassment

University of Dallas
University of Dallas | Image by University of Dallas/Facebook

A white professor at the University of Dallas was reportedly doxxed for asking a black student to stop listening to a recorded lecture on her laptop without headphones outside her office space.

In a viral video posted on October 11, the student, who only goes by Cori (@coritoocutee), shared a video on TikTok of the professor recording her seemingly after the disagreement over the computer volume had escalated.

“Pov: a professor harasses you for listening to a lecture because she doesn’t wanna close her door,” the text overlay in the video claims. The caption read, “[W]hy did this lady call campus security before this video and [have] a tantrum [because] they couldn’t escort me out?”

Cori added, “the sound was only on 25 until she got crazy so it went to a 100 idc!”

In a second video, Cori explained the events that took place before the viral video began. She said the professor had emerged from her office and commented on the noise coming in from the hall, noting she had office hours soon. After Cori turned down her speakers, the professor returned about 10 minutes later, stating she could still hear her video, asking if she had headphones or could leave. Cori noted that the reported incident actually occurred six months earlier.

“I was like, ‘No, I don’t have headphones, and I’m not going to leave,’” Cori said. “And after that, it took a whole turn.”

“She was like putting her fingers in my face. She was like, ‘I despise students like you,’” Cori claimed. “And I was like, ‘What? Baby girl? Student like who?”

The situation escalated until, eventually, the professor called campus security. After security declined to take action, Cori turned up her laptop’s volume in an effort to “smash your energy, baby.”

Following the release of the videos, individuals on social media identified the professor as Susan Hansen and accused her of being racist. The accusations were partly based on her affiliation with Opus Dei, a Catholic organization that aims to spread Christian teachings and encourages the pursuit of holiness in everyday life.

The doxxer, Jay Megan (@nerdypinkpanda), claimed on TikTok that Hansen has a “CLEAR CUT racial bias,” stating, “Her entire career in academia is based on coded eugenics, and her pursuit of higher education was solely because of the Opus Dei ideology, which morphed to engulf MAGA white nationalism,” per the Daily Dot. Megan added that Opus Dei is “essentially a cult for Catholics.”

After investigating the incident, however, the university found no evidence of racial bias on the part of Hansen.

Clare Venegas, the vice president of marketing and communications for the University of Dallas, explained, “The University of Dallas takes all allegations of harassment and discrimination seriously,” as told to The College Fix.

“As has been publicly disclosed, university officials undertook measures to investigate the student’s allegation, and the matter was resolved with a finding of no policy violation and no recommendation for disciplinary action,” Venegas stated.

“The recent posting of the video has resulted in an onslaught of unjustified and defamatory attacks on Dr. Hansen’s personal character, which we strongly condemn,” Venegas said to The College Fix. “The University of Dallas prides itself in forming our students to think well, to reason well, and to dialogue civilly, virtues and behaviors that social media platforms are not conducive for cultivating.”

Similarly, Hansen said, “The university investigated the incident and concluded that there were no grounds for opening a Title IX case nor any unprofessional behavior requiring disciplinary action.”

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