Dallas Independent School District deleted from its website mentions of its LGBTQ program in partnership with a transgender clinic after a series of stories from The Dallas Express that garnered national pushback.

The district’s Out for Safe Schools program was launched in 2018 as a training for teachers on how to be an ally for LGBTQ students. The program is a partnership with the Resource Center — a clinic on Cedar Springs Road that provides transgender hormones and clearance letters for sex alteration surgeries.

Dallas ISD later removed its promotion of the Out for Safe Schools program from its “Support Services for LGBTQ Youth” webpage. Other aspects of the webpage first reported by The Dallas Express also appeared to be removed. This included the “links to LGBTQ organizations” section, which promoted the Resource Center, the GENECIS transgender clinic, and other groups that advocate for transgender procedures on minors, such as The Trevor Project.

The district has now removed nearly all mentions of its Out for Safe Schools from its website. Its blog feature, Dallas ISD News Hub, is running, but five different posts on the program appear to have been deleted. A “Student Advocacy and Youth Outreach” webpage that mentions the program is also deleted.

Two mentions of Out for Safe Schools remain on the Dallas ISD website: a Booker T. Washington High School post promoting a news story about the program and a staff post promoting a separate partnership with the Resource Center.

Dallas ISD and the Resource Center did not respond for comment on whether the Out for Safe Schools program still exists.

The deleted web pages mark the second time this month that Dallas ISD has removed information about its LGBTQ advocacy after it received media coverage.

The district published a document titled “LGBTQ+ Resources for Dallas ISD & Surrounding Communities” that provided a guide on how to transition genders, with references to specific transgender clinics in Texas, as first reported this month by The Dallas Express.

Robyn Harris, the executive director of Dallas ISD’s communications team, said the document was only available to teachers and parents. However, it was later revealed to be a public document. This document was made private by the district after the story received national attention.

Dallas ISD is set to launch an after-school sex education program in partnership with a left-wing organization called Healthy Futures of Texas, as previously reported by The Dallas Express. The group has expressed its opposition to Texas’ sex education policies on abstinence-focused sex education and opt-in parental forms.