Allen Mall Shooting Stopped by Cop on Scene

A number of law enforcement vehicles located outside Allen Premium Outlets | Image by Evan L'Roy/The Texas Tribune

An officer from the Allen Police Department (APD) stopped an active shooting at a local mall that resulted in the deaths of several civilians on May 6.

APD explained, “At 3:36 p.m. on Saturday, May 6, 2023, an Allen Police Department officer on an unrelated call heard gunshots at Allen Premium Outlets. The officer engaged the suspect and neutralized the threat. He then called for emergency personnel.”

Video taken by bystanders on the scene showed the alleged shooter lying dead in a pool of blood with what appeared to be an AR-15 on the ground beside them.

The gunman wore tactical gear that held several more magazines, and his left hand appeared to be tattooed.

Allen Police Chief Brian Harvey further told reporters at a press conference later that night, “Our officer was out at Premium Outlets on an unrelated call. He heard gunshots. Located the shooter. Neutralized the shooter — neutralized the threat.”

“We believe at this point that the shooter acted alone,” Chief Harvey stated. “This is an ongoing active investigation.”

As of Saturday night, a total of nine people were confirmed dead.

Fire Chief Jonathan Boyd of the Allen Fire Department explained, “Our rescue task force teams found seven deceased individuals on scene.”

“We transported nine individuals to hospitals and area trauma facilities,” Boyd continued. “Of those that we transported, two have since died, three are in critical surgery, and four are stable.”

Allen Mayor Ken Fulk told reporters at the press conference that “today is a tragic day for the City of Allen, our citizens, our friends, and visitors who were at the Allen Premium Outlets today.”

“We are a strong and caring community, and we all want the victims and their families impacted by this tragedy to know that we will wrap our arms around you and we are here for you,” Fulk said. “The City of Allen pledges to offer our complete support.”

“I want to commend our police and fire departments for their quick response. Their thorough training, not to hesitate but move toward the threat, likely saved more lives today than what we could imagine,” Fulk added.

“I have received calls from the White House, Governor Abbott, and many other national, state, and county officials who have reached out to the City of Allen to express their support and desire to help,” he said. “Please keep the victims and the families of the victims in your prayers.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott reacted to the news by saying, “Our hearts are with the people of Allen, Texas tonight during this unspeakable tragedy.”

“I have been in contact with Mayor Fulk and DPS Director McCraw as well as other state and local leaders and offered the full support of the State of Texas to local officials to ensure all needed assistance and resources are swiftly deployed, including DPS officers, Texas Rangers, and investigative resources,” he continued in a press release received by The Dallas Express.

In a statement provided to The Dallas Express, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said, “Please join Jan and me in mourning the victims of the unspeakable tragedy in Allen. Please also join us in prayer for the victims’ families and friends along with the residents of Allen.”

“We are grateful for our brave first responders who were deployed to stop the shooter and investigate this hideous crime. We are thankful for their bravery and courage,” Patrick said.

Rep. Jeff Leach (R-Plano), whose district includes much of Allen, shared, “I’m deeply saddened by the horrific events that occurred today at the Allen Premium Outlets, right in the heart of House District 67, and am praying for the victims and all those affected by this horrible tragedy.”

“I returned to Allen from the Capitol and am on site, working with our law enforcement agencies to provide whatever support is needed,” Leach said. “I am thankful for the Allen Police Department, the Collin County Sheriff’s office, Texas DPS — and all of our law enforcement agencies — for responding heroically, swiftly and for taking immediate action.”

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