Lawsuit Accuses Local County Officials of Sexual Harassment

DA Greg Willis | Image by Vernon Bryant / Staff Photographer

A federal lawsuit filed this week alleges Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis sexually harassed employees.

The 75-page lawsuit was filed by a collection of six current and former Collin County District Attorney’s Office employees.

It also names multiple other officials in the county, including County Judge Chris Hill, four county commissioners, and First Assistant District Attorney Bill Wirskye. 

The county judge and commissioners were named for allegedly covering up the systemic misconduct. The lawsuit said they “have known of this misconduct for years but have continued to enable it.”

Hill and Willis are both up for re-election next week. Willis, who was first elected to his office in 2010, is running unopposed.

Willis allegedly made sexual advances on women he worked with during work trips and closed-door meetings, according to the lawsuit. 

Among the plaintiffs in the lawsuit are the county’s chief investigator, Kim Pickrell, a former misdemeanor prosecutor, a prosecutor, and two plaintiffs identified as Jane Does in court documents. 

Pickrell alleged that Willis made sexual advances toward her on multiple occasions. She cited instances of staring, comments being made about her body, and receipt of “full-frontal body hugs,” in which the district attorney allegedly pressed his chest against her breasts, rubbed her lower back, and moaned.

Willis allegedly tried to kiss Pickrell on the mouth on one occasion and told her he “couldn’t help himself from getting excited because she looked so good,” according to court documents. 

Another plaintiff, Jane Doe 1, claimed Willis invited her to his hotel room during a work trip and told her, “I’m not sure where it could lead, but we could explore.”

The plaintiffs claimed they made multiple complaints to human resources, but nothing was done.

They also alleged that Assistant District Attorney Wirskye retaliated against them by changing work assignments and complaining about their performance.

The lawsuit additionally accuses Wirskye of creating a toxic workplace, routinely hazing female employees, and calling female prosecutors “b—hes, whores, and sluts.”

Another plaintiff, prosecutor VyKim Le, claimed that on one occasion, Willis told her he could not find a file on his computer and invited her to sit in his desk chair. After she did, Willis allegedly began massaging her shoulders and moaning.

Willis “categorically and unequivocally” denied the allegations to multiple media outlets and argued they were politically motivated.

“The citizens of Collin County deserve better than these dishonest and politically motivated attacks that waste time and money,” Willis said. “They did not happen.”

Willis’ attorney, Rogge Dunn, called the allegations “sour grapes by some disgruntled former and current employees who had performance issues.”

First Assistant District Attorney Wirskye also denied the allegations. 

“This is obviously a politically motivated and politically timed lawsuit based on lies and recycled untruths by some very disgruntled and very troubled individuals,” Wirskye said in a statement.

He added, “It is a shame for all the good people who work in the Collin County District Attorney’s Office and our county officials to have to suffer through these untruthful personal attacks. I can’t wait to get into court and clear my name.”

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