Dallas police are asking for help identifying a suspect in a robbery from last year in northeastern Dallas.

The Dallas Police Department released several images on Thursday of a black, bearded male suspect wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and wielding a handgun. The man was allegedly spotted on security camera footage robbing a business located in the 9000 block of Skillman Street on November 17, 2023.

The unidentified male reportedly fired his weapon and stole property before making a getaway.

DPD has been short-staffed and underfunded for years, which has hampered its work in curbing crime. The department currently has only about 3,000 sworn officers, even though a prior City report recommended roughly 4,000 as a more appropriate figure to ensure public safety and reduce response times.

Relatedly, City leaders opted to spend considerably less on law enforcement than their counterparts in other high-crime cities this fiscal year, budgeting DPD just $654 million.

Amid this resource crunch, DPD is asking that anyone with information about the suspect or the robbery contact Det. Paul Johnson at 214-671-3616 or [email protected].

The robbery occurred in District 10, which Council Member Kathy Stewart represents. Several restaurants and offices are located in the 9000 block of Skillman Street.

Although violent crime has dipped thanks to Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia’s violent crime reduction plan, robbers have increasingly been targeting businesses. This trend was already evident earlier this year, with The Dallas Express reporting in February that there was a 60% increase in business robberies compared to the year prior.

Some areas have been hit harder than others. For instance, in April, Council Member Adam Bazaldua’s District 7 experienced a significant spike.

According to the City’s crime analytics dashboard, as of July 4, District 7 ranked third for most robberies with 115 out of the citywide total of 1,144. The council district was outpaced by Council Member Omar Narvaez’s District 6 in the northwest and Council Member Jesse Moreno’s District 2 in the downtown area, which logged 141 and 118 robberies, respectively.

As extensively covered by DX, Downtown Dallas outpaces neighboring Fort Worth’s city center in terms of criminal activity. The latest comparative analysis by the Metroplex Civic & Business Association found that reports of assaults and theft were far lower this May in Fort Worth’s city center, which is patrolled by a special police unit and private security guards.