Cowtown’s Stockyards Getting New Special Police Unit

A specialized team
A specialized team has been newly formed to enhance safety and security in the Stockyards. | Image by Fort Worth Police/Twitter

A popular Fort Worth destination will soon see an increase in public safety measures thanks to a dedicated security team being launched by the police department.

The Fort Worth Police Department made the announcement last week on X that it would be deploying a special unit to patrol the historic Stockyards:

“[T]his dedicated team will conduct proactive patrols and respond to calls for service, using a combination of bicycles and marked patrol vehicles… to ensure a consistent police presence in one of Texas’ most frequented attractions.”

The specialized team will operate from Wednesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Several commenters on X  did not agree with the hours. The consensus was that the team needed to operate later into the night and early morning.

“Yeah, nothing happens after 8:00 pm. The shift should be 10 pm – 8 am,” CityGirl75219 commented.

“That is good for the summer when there are more tourists. It certainly is helping in the West 7th area. This should bring down the thefts in the stockyards. Of course, many of the posters are right to point out violent crimes are more prevalent late at night and early morning,” Steve Evans commented.

Jimmy Pollozani, a Fort Worth police officer, told The Dallas Express that the Fort Worth Stockyards team will comprise officers who have undergone specialized bike certification training.

“While prioritizing patrol staffing remains paramount, the implementation of the newly formed team allows for a more dynamic approach to policing, ensuring that officers can effectively address the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the Stockyards’ vibrant environment,” Pollozani said.

The team will meet weekly to evaluate its performance before making any strategy adjustments.

“We view this as an exciting opportunity to not only enhance safety but also to foster stronger connections with the community. Together, we can make the Stockyards a safer, more welcoming place for everyone,” added Northwest Division Commander J. Kim.

“In response to the increasing number of visitors to one of Texas’s most iconic destinations, the historic Stockyards, the Northwest Division of the Fort Worth Police Department is proud to announce the introduction of a dedicated newly formed team,” Pollozani told DX.

Pollozani noted that the public is encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions to help with the new initiative.

As previously reported by The Dallas Express, Fort Worth’s downtown area appears to have benefited from its special police unit, which patrols the neighborhood alongside private security guards. The city center regularly outperforms Downtown Dallas by a wide margin in the Metroplex Business & Civic Association’s monthly downtown crime comparison study, which tracks the high levels of criminal activity in the Central Business District.

Relatedly, the Dallas Police Department has been struggling with a labor shortage, fielding only around 3,000 officers when a City analysis advises approximately 4,000 are necessary to properly maintain public safety. DPD also falls short in terms of funding compared to other high-crime jurisdictions. New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago city leaders have allocated far higher amounts to police than the Dallas City Council, which approved a DPD budget of just $654 million this fiscal year.

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