North Dallas Pays Price as Shoplifting Surges

Man shoplifting | Image by Mike_shots/Shutterstock

Reported instances of shoplifting in City Council Member Gay Donnell Willis’ District 13 skyrocketed in February, clocking more individual cases than any other district in Dallas.

Willis’ district is located in North Dallas and includes the Preston Hollow and Vickery Meadow neighborhoods.

According to the City of Dallas Open Data crime analytics dashboard, Willis’ district logged 50 shoplifting cases in February, more than double the 23 incidents recorded for February of last year.

This 117.4% year-over-year increase comes some months after Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot reversed his controversial theft amnesty policy, which directed local prosecutors not to take up theft charges if the value of stolen items did not exceed $750, as previously reported in The Dallas Express.

In a previous interview with Jake Colglazier, executive director of Keep Dallas Safe, The Dallas Express learned that Dallas police officers may have been opting not to make arrests for crimes that were not going to be prosecuted, leaving retailers vulnerable.

February’s increase in reported shoplifting in District 13 could indicate a renewed confidence among store owners that police will respond to calls over shoplifting.

Fifty incidents were logged in District 13 by police last month, eight more than were recorded in City Council Member Jesse Moreno’s District 2, which had the second-largest number of shoplifting offenses. Council Member Paul Ridley’s District 14 followed with 27 shoplifting offenses, and Council Member Jaynie Schultz’s District 11 had 23.

The increase in shoplifting in Willis’ district contributed to an overall uptick in property crimes for the council member, marking a 5.7% year-over-year increase in property crime offenses that month.

A request for comment was sent to Willis’ office by The Dallas Express, informing the council member of the increase in shoplifting reports within her district and asking whether she thought it had anything to do with Creuzot’s short-lived policy.

No response was received by press time.

The Dallas Express, The People’s Paper, believes that important information about the city, such as crime rates and trends, should be easily accessible to you. Dallas has more crime per capita than hotspots like Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York, according to data from the FBI’s UCR database.

How did your area stack up on crime? Check out our interactive Crime Map to compare all Dallas City Council Districts. Curious how we got our numbers? Check out our methodology page here.

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  1. ThisGuyisTom

    “No response (from Willis’ office) was received by press time.”

    It is very noticable that City Council Members are hard to access and to communicate with.

    • PMac

      I’m not giving City Hall a pass. But it is spring break and I know my council person is on vacation with her kids. That being said it’s not only shoplifting, but robbery that is occurring in that area. It is Mainly at the grocery stores, following people home and stealing money and/or jewelry. They are now using guns and knives to get what they want.


        The people need to arm themselves and stay vigilant or else get out of the woke cities. The other option is to stay and become a victim, hoping the criminals don’t kill or maim you in a violent robbery.

  2. John Gault

    Creuzot Is turning Dallas into Los Angeles and San Francisco. I don’t understand people like this Creuzot person that implants obviously failed policies from other cities and think they’re going to work fine in Dallas. Any moron would look at the outcome of other cities that have tried these policies and not implemented them here IF they really cared about their citizens. Obviously Creuzot doesn’t care.

    • Don M

      Creuzot does care. What about I don’t know as it’s definitely not crime.

      • PMac

        Creuzot is only concerned with Creuzot and his future political career.


      The residents voted for it. Let them ESAD

  3. Bill

    As a business or homeowner sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.Texas law stands behind you.

    • Pap

      Maybe if a person shoots someone for breaking into their home, they should just say they aborted them.

      Once, regarding abortion, a woman wrote, “A fetus is just a bunch of cells”. I responded, “You do realize that you are nothing but a bunch of cells.”

  4. Emily Burns

    HOLD our elected officials accountable.


    We cannot allow our beautiful Dallas to be the next SF, Chicago or LA.

    Don’t you agree?


      Too many woke idiots in Dallas. Let them cull each other there

    • Susan

      There is an alternative candidate in almost every city council race to vote the incumbent out! But you have to vote! Dallasgop.org

  5. Karen

    I’ve observed Willis leaving a conversation that becomes contentious. She does not handle conflict well if at all when in the hot seat. That District deserves someone who will stand up for her constituents.

  6. Pap

    Maybe stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond will need to gear toward the way Best Products and Service Merchandise used to do. Put sample items in locked glass cases for browsing and you have to fill out a sheet for the items you want. The goods will be in the warehoused section in the back and your order filled and items delivered behind a cashier’s counter, where you will pay before receipt. Or order online for pickup. Sort of like Amazon. They won’t ship anything until it’s paid in full.

    And yes, Creuzot is a woke moron voted in by fools (or by the people who wish to steal for a living).

    Also, “This 117.4% year-over-year increase comes some months after Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot reversed his controversial theft amnesty policy,…” . Just because he says he changed his mind, does not mean he is actually going to prosecute. He didn’t allow the death penalty as an option for that serial killer of over 30 elderly people. He’s nuts.

  7. Soapboxmom

    All crimes must be vigorously prosecuted. All of us pay for this in higher prices and businesses spend money due to this crime that could have gone to wages. Enough is enough!

  8. Bret

    This reversal of the let them go creuzot policy should point to his stupidity and the fact that he should not be in his position. His reversal was done quietly, not like the fanfare it received when he first announced his imbecilic ideology. Until the criminals actually see themselves and others convicted and punished for this it will continue to get worse. That is if they really are going to prosecute them. I do not believe him. He will say and do the complete opposite. The police on the streets will not bother if they feel they are wasting their time.


      That’s why I stay out of Dallas unless I’m driving though it. If I have a business meeting, I always suggest meeting in a different county.

  9. RSW

    Creuzot must go! This is exactly what happens when you let Liberal Democrats run the city. Nobody should be surprised.

  10. fed up with Dallas County

    A slogan for unwoke normal people:

    The best thing about Dallas is seeing it in your rear view mirror. ®



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