Two Restaurants Nearly Fail City Inspection

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The City of Dallas released the latest round of results from restaurant health inspections this week, including two Dallas establishments just one point above failure.

The Dallas Express continues its monthly series on these inspection results, showcasing the best and the worst of eateries the area has to offer. 

The City of Dallas maintains public records of health inspections for restaurants in the area from October 2016 onward. The City records the name of each establishment, its physical location, the date the inspection was conducted, the overall score for the inspection, any violations, and the point deductions for the individual violations.

Dallas Code Compliance Services details the parameters of inspection scores for these facilities. A score of 90 to 100 is considered “very good” and only requires a follow-up inspection at six-month intervals.

A score of 69 or below is considered failing. The scoring is weighted based on critical versus non-critical or minor violations.

A failing score requires either re-inspection within 10 days or closure of the restaurant until the violations are addressed and an additional review determines whether it can be allowed to reopen. In either case, the subsequent failure of a new inspection with a score at or below 59 would be grounds for closure.

This latest in the series reflects restaurant inspection data from the end of March through April and contains scores from 742 restaurants in the Dallas area.

No restaurants were recorded as having a failing score during this period. However, two restaurants in this most recent set of data came within just one point of earning a failing score. 

The restaurants just above failing are as follows: 

Mijas Taqueria – 9901 Royal Ln #100

Score: 70

Inspection date: 3/16/23

Violations: reuse of single service items, cleanliness of walls, floors, and ceiling, chemical and toxic item storage, food contamination, etc. 

Tipico’s – 3118 W. Northwest Hwy. 

Score: 70

Inspection date: 3/30/23

Violations: food temperature control, cross-contamination, food storage, toxic item labels, registered food service managers not present, etc. 

The Dallas Express reached out to each of these establishments for additional information or comment on their health inspection results, but neither responded by the publication deadline.

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