This City Hall Employee Earns More Than the President

One City Hall Employee Earns More Than The President
Dallas' city manager T.C. Broadnax | Image by FOX 4

One of the metropolitan cornerstones of Texas, Dallas holds the spot as the ninth-largest city in the United States.

With more than 1.2 million residents, Dallas is supported by an extensive city government apparatus, with around 14,000 employees.

Of those, one employee holds a unique privilege: receiving a larger salary than the president of the United States of America.

While Joe Biden collects $400,000 of taxpayer funds per year, Dallas’ city manager T.C. Broadnax receives even more. With a yearly salary of roughly $423,000, Broadnax is the highest-paid public official in Dallas.

The city employee with the next largest slice of the taxpayer pie is the city’s retirement fund manager, Cheryl Alston, who makes roughly $352,000 — nearly $70,000 less than Broadnax.

In comparison, Mayor Eric Johnson makes $80,000 a year, according to publicly available information retrieved by The Dallas Express.

To further contextualize Broadnax’s salary, the highest-paid public employee in Houston is the city attorney Arturo Michel, who makes $309,000.

Houston has roughly 1 million more residents than Dallas.

Broadnax’s annual salary was recently increased after a divided city council voted to give him a 3% raise. It had previously hovered around $411,000, as reported by The Dallas Express.

The city manager’s raise came as somewhat of a surprise, as Broadnax had reportedly been close to being fired during a disagreement with the city council over perceived failures in the permitting process and the loss of several terabytes of Dallas police department data.

The tensions between Broadnax and many city council members appear to have remained high, as the manager walked out of a committee meeting on November 15 while being addressed by District 12’s Cara Mendelsohn.

Additionally, Mayor Johnson called out Broadnax specifically for the City’s ongoing struggle with its building permitting process in his most recent State of the City address, as covered by The Dallas Express.

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  1. J S

    Sad ge gets paid so well he’s doing a terrible job!
    But Texans just love rewarding the corrupt, criminals, and the absolute mostmincompetent and putting the same in power and political positions.

  2. Dallas Steve

    Hats off to anyone who is willing to manage dysfunctional Dallas. He makes a lot of money but so do other executives of large organizations.

  3. Bret

    Private companies can pay their employees and top executives anything they want. Public employees should not make more than somewhere around the average salaries of the people in that area. Remember, public employees receives benefits that they vote for themselves and a retirement package that is way better than probably all private retirement packages. We don’t vote in or hire public servants to get rich. This needs to stop and only vote in people who have a heart to serve. Not to get wealthy and receive some infamy.

    • Anna Williams

      Senators and Congress goes in poor but come out wealthy. They make more when they retire than when they work 4 days a week. Let Run and stop whinnying!

  4. Hellion

    The city has a ongoing staffing problem due to being at the bottom of the pay scale for large cities. Yet he is the highest paid employee and really has done nothing to earn it.

  5. John


  6. Ali Elmangoushi

    What do expect from a city that will name a street after Al Lipscomb.

    • Lucy

      Same as all the white people street name that have did horrible things but you call them a hero. Let compare!

  7. Zulia

    And yet he screwed up Dallas,TX . Needs to be fired

  8. Lucy

    It is not enough if you ask me. Yes the president gets paid less but he is also a millionaire. He makes money from other resources. Biden net worth is $8 million. This is a bad comparison. I am going to need someone with common sense to write another article because your comparison is not valid. Worry about you own salary and how you can get more money out of your own career. Let’s all elevate each other.

    • Carlos

      Thank you. Maybe the President is underpaid based on the responsibilities of the position.

    • JNW

      Your posts say a lot about you and your biased thinking or rather lack of real open minded considerations.

    • Richiemc

      OMG!! You must not understand anything. How did biden get to a net worth of $8 mil on an annual salary of $175,000 (which probably 3/4 of the 49 years he’s been doing a bad job in DC he was getting paid much less than that)? It’s because he’s a crook. Broadnax should not be making more than $150,000/year unless he’s really doing something great, and he’s not. And biden should be in jail for growing his net worth off the US taxpayers.

      • Anna Williams

        Ask the 2 US Senators and all the Congressional People.

  9. Lucy

    Same with republican ran City. No difference. Please don’t creat division. It is a setup to separate and cause division. He is a man working hard to make a living just like you.

  10. Michael

    You all are Hypocritical Cowards, where were these concerns when A.C.Gonzalez was city manager.

  11. Jay

    Broadnax is not a criminal and should not be compared to Paxton and Abbott who may be criminals. City Managers are always the highest paid city employee in every city. The next highest paid public employee is always the school superintendent in each city. That is just how it works in the U.S. Always have. Always will.

  12. Jay

    I live in a city of 5,000 people and the city manager here makes $90,000 per year because that is a competitive salary for other small cities. If you multiply the number of residents in Dallas, then you guys are getting a bargin at $400,000.

    • JNW

      Wow, according to your logic the city manager of New York should be making over three million a year. Really??

    • Debby M

      Jay, do you have any idea what the regular city employee gets paid? I do and no one deserves that much money in a city job. Some of that money should be allocated to the police department or regular city employees

      • Djea3

        No, the city taxes should just be REDUCED. PERIOD. Years ago city employees had job stability, low pay and excellent medical and very good retirement,
        Now city employees receive HIGHER THAN UNION SCALE wages, the BEST medical plans and the HIGHEST possible retirement plans in the nation. NO BUISNESS gives ALL three of those, EVER because there is NO need. Employees will accept less.
        Cities today often pay the highest wage AND give guaranty of work long term (almost not able to fire them even for crimes on the job, and PROTECT them if they commit crimes against the public while on the job).
        In other words, the PUBIC is being SCREWED. I guaranty that there are PLENTY of employees that will take lower wage against guaranty of employment. They will accept lower retirement against NO retirement as most have today if not publicly employed!

  13. Mike W

    What a ripoff. No city official should be paid anywhere close to this.

  14. Pap

    I hardly think it was intended for government officials to become millionaires off the backs of taxpayers. Gives them an ulterior motive to raise taxes to keep their own bucks coming in.

    • Anna Williams

      We pay billionaire’s For multi-millions Sports Arena. Then they rip us off on ticket prices. You don’t say anything and they pays their athletes millions.

      We are the fools because we get ripped off. Then the owners sell the stadium and make
      more million. Oh yea and the City Council, Mayor and City Manager help negotiate these stadiums and sit in Luxury Boxes.

      We are getting nothing!

  15. Linda Newland

    During a town hall meeting this year I was real close to T.C. Broadnax and I saw he had his initials embroidered on his jeans. Now I know why with all money he receives… It is true council members have no one that oversees them and can vote themselves raises. This needs to change.

    • regina m imburgia

      The City Manager is supposed to be the Sargent of Arms– But T.C. does not do his job– The Councilmembers and Mayor Do NOT follow proper procedure BUT–there is NO Enforcement — What could go wrong with that??

  16. joyce

    If all the wealthy folks just took a portion of the wealth and directed back to worth while donations to assist public/humans in need or community needs the world would be a better place. Helping your fellow or neighbor is what we were suppose to do. I supported an entire neighborhood with fresh home grown vegetables for 5 years but had to stop due to CANCER! I barely made 30,000 a year. (yes corporations are the other issue, pay is low and most of us are at there mercy.

  17. Scheef Leblanc

    I wonder if he is happy. I like him if he’s happy!

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  18. Anna Williams

    Who gave him the raise the City Council and the Mayor approved the increase.

    Who does his Performance Review, could it be the Mayor and City Council who smile’s in his face and back stabbing behind his back.

    Hey citizens when you don’t vote you get and maintain what you have.

  19. Alvin

    His salary shouldn’t be an issue when a team of people are approving it. Raise your hand ✋️ if you’ll turn down a Raise?

    We get caught up in other people’s money as of we can do anything about it. We probably will never get a snapshot of how hard he works or how many hours. If we only knew how much work it takes to manage the city of Dallas, deal with a sometimes crazy city council and the public, not to mention the real billionaires and millionaire that run this town. He’s probably not paid enough.

    Yes, this is Dallas freaking Texas and we pay well, we’ll love you, and hate you at the same time. #FindTheFunny

    – Alvin

  20. Djea3

    The issue is that WHEN someone is earning that much of the PUBLIC’s money, it means that they must do EVERYTHING right and get everything right, that is what they are being paid for.
    Shortcomings in Permitting….well within ONE week or three should have been handled OR the head of that department GONE.

    With regard to loss of PD data, within one to three weeks the person whose FAULT it was should have been identified and released of duty, and the system reviewed and repaired permanently.

    IF HE did not resolve these matters within one to three weeks and resolve them permanently then he is NOT doing his job. Time for him to go.

    Walking out of a committee meeting. Terminal offense. That is what he is there for. If he can not stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen. Walking our means he walked off the job and QUIT.

  21. Dick Smith

    There’s a problem with ANY public servant making over $100k/yr. These are supposed to be positions of public service and the reward should be in helping your fellow man. I think this is probably the root cause of failure in our political and judicial system. We no longer have any government officials doing anything for anyone but themselves.

  22. ThisGuyisTom

    With a yearly salary of roughly $423,000, Broadnax is the highest-paid public official in Dallas.

    Speaking at the Economic Club of Washington DC last week, Jerome Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, told investor David Rubenstein that he makes about $190,000 per year.

    What’s wrong with this picture?
    The entire U.S. economy swings on the words from Powell’s mouth.



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