Controversial Dallas City Manager Gets Raise

Controversial Dallas City Manager Gets Raise
Dallas City Manager T. C. Broadnax | Image by FOX 4

Only weeks after being asked to resign and almost getting fired by the Dallas City Council, City Manager T. C. Broadnax is receiving a 3% raise.

Following the 10-5 vote by the mayor and city council, Broadnax is set to make at least $423,000 — more than the president of the United States and more than double what Gov. Greg Abbott makes.

As city manager, Broadnax is responsible for managing the city’s budget and the roughly 13,000 employees whose salaries are paid for by city taxpayers.

His official profile claims that Broadnax “is recognized throughout the country for his significant contributions working in the public sector tackling issues relating to community and economic development, neighborhood revitalization, code enforcement, financial management and organizational leadership.”

The pay raise comes only weeks after a public spat between Broadnax and the city council, which nearly led to his termination, as reported by The Dallas Express.

A series of issues significantly contributed to the confrontation, including a shortage of 9-1-1 operators, the deletion of over 8 million city records, and a massive backlog in building permits.

Despite previously deciding to “agree on a path forward” with Broadnax in July, Mayor Eric Johnson voted against increasing his salary. Alongside the mayor, Councilmembers Paula Blackmon, Adam McGough, Cara Mendelsohn, and Gay Donnell Willis also voted against the raise.

Johnson noted that despite seeing improvements in Broadnax’s performance, “I do not believe it is appropriate to award a raise until the job is done.”

Willis of District 13 noted that she “Could not support a 3% raise for the City Manager when a key issue like permitting went unresolved for so long. I still hear about permitting issues EVERY DAY.”

Similarly, Mendelsohn of District 12 tweeted that she “could not support a 3% raise for the City Manager because the city is not operating at the level I or #D12 residents expect.”

The council members who voted for the raise included Adam Bazaldua, Carolyn King Arnold, Casey Thomas IIJaime Resendez, Jaynie Schultz, Jesse Moreno, Omar Narvaez, Paul Ridley, and Tennell Atkins, and The Dallas Express August Crime Boss Chad West.

The city council members in favor of the raise provided no public explanation for their reasoning, and no recording of the vote is publicly available as the meeting was a closed executive session.

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  1. Jim

    I don’t have any skin in the game since I don’t live in Dallas but I do live in Texas and it becomes very obvious why Dallas has so many issues when Mr. Boardman is voted a raise with his track record. Maybe the citizens should start by replacing all of those who voted for the raise.

  2. Lanie

    I can’t believe the City Manager was given a raise when he makes too much money to begin with! Trying to get permits for building, etc is almost impossible and it has kept construction to a minimum and yet some of the City Council decided he should get paid mote for the lousy job he has been doing. Those City Council members need to be voted out of office when they come up for reelection.

  3. caseyp

    Not one person or business should complain about their taxes or any other exorbitant city fees they have to pay in Dallas. They are getting what they vote for.

  4. Black Senior Citizen

    The City of Dallas has went down, down, down, since BLACKS have taken leadership roles….the liberal whites don’t care bcuz they live in the nice areas of far North Dallas or they have a Dallas home address but live in another city (allegedly)….they just enjoy the paycheck….lots of illegals live in the City of Dallas, full of gangs,, homelessness is out of control….it’s pathetic….NO THANKS to Dallas for me

  5. kevin

    Who gets a huge salary, muchless a raise when that persons job performance is horrible? Oh yeah, the Dallas City manager does! I didn’t vote for my council”person,” so I can’t be partially blamed for their voting for this guy to get that 3% raise for his lousey job performance. I can only continue with my frustrations at the bad decisions and worsening conditions in this city.


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