Police Publicly Address Seizure of $106,000 at Love Field

Dallas Love Field
Dallas Love Field airport. | Image from cbarnesphotography

On Tuesday, officials from the Dallas Police department publicly addressed their recent seizure of $106,000 from a woman at Dallas Love Field.

The Dallas Express previously reported on the seizure, which occurred on December 2 after a police dog, Ballentine, alerted two Dallas police detectives to a 25-year-old Chicago woman’s luggage at the airport.

The woman, who was at the airport during a layover, was not arrested even though she was initially suspected of trafficking narcotics.

The detectives were able to conduct the seizures through civil forfeiture, a policy that allows law enforcement officials in Texas to seize properties they suspect were used or could be used in the commission of a crime.

Deputy Chief Thomas Castro and Major Devon Palk from Dallas PD spoke on the seizures on Tuesday, January 11, during the city’s monthly Community Police Oversight Board meeting.

While Castro and Palk said they could not provide specific details on the incident because federal authorities are investigating it, they addressed the many misconceptions surrounding the seizure.

“What got us here was a misstep,” Palk said. “However, I will always take the opportunity to better explain not just to the board but to the public … so that we can be as transparent as possible.”

Palk said that the U.S. Attorney’s Office, district attorneys, and judges all carry out oversight duties on how the seized funds are handled. He added that the attorneys and judges also determine whether the seized property should be returned.

Palk maintained that police personnel does not receive any bonuses or compensation for seizures. He also said that seizures can only be conducted if officers have a warrant or probable cause.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Castro claimed that many posts online contained false assertions and were based on little or no information.

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