Texas Celebrates Economic Development Week

Governor Greg Abbott | Image by Office of the Governor Greg Abbott
Governor Greg Abbott | Image by Office of the Governor Greg Abbott

In recognition of Texas’ economic prowess, Gov. Greg Abbott has officially declared this week Economic Development Week in Texas.

This proclamation aims to highlight the pivotal role played by local, regional, and statewide economic development entities in fortifying the Lone Star State’s economy while also generating employment opportunities and enriching the lives of Texans, according to the governor.

Gov. Abbott applauded the collaborative efforts of over 700 economic development organizations across Texas in a Tuesday statement emphasizing their collective dedication to attracting investments and businesses while nurturing homegrown enterprises.

“Economic development in Texas is a team sport that requires a collaborative effort from organizations across the state focused on attracting new businesses and new investments, as well as promoting and retaining business, right here in Texas,” he said.

Under Abbott’s stewardship, Texas has experienced unprecedented economic growth, boasting a $2.4 trillion economy that ranks the eighth-largest globally, according to the governor’s report. The state’s achievements include various recognitions, such as the Best State for Business for a record-breaking 20th consecutive year, as covered in The Dallas Express.

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Tourism, spearheading initiatives to showcase Texas as a premier business destination and tourist hotspot, collaborates closely with regional and community partners in the hopes of bolstering the state’s standing as the nation’s top business hub.

As Economic Development Week unfolds, Texans are encouraged to rally behind local economic development initiatives, recognizing the vital role they play in shaping the state’s future. By fostering collaboration and innovation, Texans can ensure that the Lone Star State continues to shine brightly on the global economic stage.

Those interested in seeking out services and further information about Texas’ Economic Development Week can visit the Texas Economic Development and Tourism official website.

“I encourage all Texans to support local economic development and economic development organizations. By taking part in their mission, we will build a better future for all who call the Lone Star State home,” added Abbott.

The governor’s declaration comes after his recent statement declaring April 28 through May 4 as Small Business Week in Texas, as DX reported.

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