Love Field Anticipates Busy Holiday Travel Season

Love Field
Dallas Love Field | Image by Markus Mainka

Due to an expected “record-breaking number of travelers” over the busy holiday season, Dallas Love Field is forewarning travelers about the potential for delays and airport congestion.

Dallas Love Field (DAL), the busiest medium-hub airport in the U.S., said it anticipates serving more than a half-million passengers from November 16 to November 28, a 15-20% increase over the prior year, according to a news release.

“As the holiday season approaches, Dallas Love Field Airport forewarns passengers of potential challenges stemming from increased travel volumes,” the regional airport said.

These challenges could include “heightened congestion” and “limited parking availability.”

In terms of parking availability, the airport says its three garages — which offer more than 10,000 first-come, first-served parking spots — will likely see a surge in self-parkers, resulting in parking constraints.

To avoid potential challenges, the airport has strongly advised travelers to check parking capacities online before arriving, consider alternative transportation options, and plan for extended wait times.

“Utilization of alternative transportation solutions, such as off-site parking facilities, ride-sharing services, public transportation, or coordination of drop-offs by friends or family, is encouraged for a smoother arrival process,” DAL said in the news release.

The airport expects the highest volume of passenger departures on the following dates:

  • Friday, November 17
  • Monday, November 20
  • Tuesday, November 21
  • Wednesday, November 22
  • Friday, November 24
  • Saturday, November 25
  • Sunday, November 26

Similar to other peak travel periods, passengers should expect longer wait times at security checkpoints, ticket counters, and other key areas over the holiday season.

“Passengers should plan accordingly and arrive at least two hours before their scheduled departure times to account for potential delays,” the news release read.

To help ensure a smoother and more efficient experience for travelers, the airport will open its ticket counters and security checkpoints early on select dates.

“DAL is thrilled to welcome the most holiday travelers it has ever seen for Thanksgiving,” the airport added.

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