Dallas Residents’ Money Management Ranks Poorly


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Dallas residents may be good at making or spending money, but saving it is a different story altogether.

Out of over 2,500 cities surveyed, Dallas came in towards the bottom of Wallet Hub’s 2023 Best Cities at Money Management list.

Dallas was placed at No.1,907.

To determine the ranking, analysts from Wallet Hub leveraged data from TransUnion, the U.S. Census Bureau, and ATTOM Data Solutions from as recently as October 2022.

They then determined a score for each metric on a 100-point scale, with 100 representing the best money-management skills.

The study found Dallas to be in the 26th percentile when it comes to savings, with a median credit score of 663. 

Among the larger cities in the country, Dallas came in at No.53 out of 66, according to Wallet Hub. 

The average mortgage-debt-to-income ratio was 478%. By comparison, Cupertino, California, which was ranked as the best-saving city in the country, had a mortgage debt-to-income of 393%. 

Credit cards also appear to be an issue for Dallasites. Last year, residents averaged nearly four late payments and had a credit-card-debt-to-income ratio of 6.84%, according to Wallet Hub. 

Dallas’ car-loan-debt-to-income ratio was 43%, and student-loan-debt-to-income made up nearly half of residents’ income at 46%. 

Wallet Hub notes that in a recent survey, only 56% of adults said they have a good grasp on personal finance. Just 44% of Americans maintain a budget and regularly monitor their spending.

“Good money management skills are more important now than ever during this time of high inflation,” said Wallet Hub.

Fort Worth’s savings metrics were even worse than those of Dallas. The city known as “The Gateway to West Texas” came in the 12th percentile of cities surveyed, with a median credit score of just 524.

Despite the high cost of living, San Francisco was ranked as the largest city with the best savers. Other cities making the top five were Seattle, San Jose, Boston, and Minneapolis, according to Wallet Hub. 

The highest-ranked major Texas city on the list was Austin at No.14, while The Woodlands was the highest-ranked small city in Texas at No.9. 

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Lay Monk Jeffery
Lay Monk Jeffery
15 days ago

What a joke!

Who can save with the cost of living. Everything has increased exponentially since the hired-hand took the house. Nobody has received a cost of living wage increase though. Things keep going up, people are working longer hours, multiple jobs, even financing groceries! There is a financial app that I was reading about and it stated that after reviewing 86% of the people using there services were financing their groceries. The entire nation is not able to save, or at least not as much.

Now, there are those who live by pride. Not gay pride or any other pride, but worldly pride. Those who live this way are those who have difficulty saving because they are living beyond there means and are too concerned with what they are wearing or driving.

I am not judging, just stating.

Simple living is the best way and those who are not a custom to it should step back during these difficult, challenging and painful times and give it a shot.

I have heard people talking about how hard it is getting by but in the same conversation they are talking about some show on cable tv or a big sale at the mall. Folks, it’s time to get your priorities in order because it’s only going to get tougher.

Again, I am not judging but if you want to save in these times it’s going to take sacrifice and for some great sacrifice.
Necessities first, everything else needs to be prioritized and or removed from your financial situation.

Final thought, this is a pretty stupid article to be writing when there is an obvious line being drawn in the sand between the classes. It’s becoming extremely difficult for folks and a lot have lost everything due to no fault of there own but to lies and propaganda. It’s actually no one’s business as to who and who is not saving unless they want others to know. A bit distasteful, what is to gain from this article?

A storm is on the horizon and we should all be preparing to the best possible way.

“It is written”

So, to all, stay alert, stay safe, stay healthy and be blessed