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USA Today Sued for Defamation

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Exterior view of Ryan logo on headquarter building. | Image by Jake Dean, The Dallas Business Journal

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Ryan, a global tax services and software provider, based in Dallas, announced last week that it had filed a defamation lawsuit against USA Today.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Ryan offers multijurisdictional tax services, including tax recovery, consulting, advocacy, compliance, and technology services.

The lawsuit alleges that USA Today concealed and distorted facts pertaining to Ryan in numerous “articles, podcasts, tweets and other false communications,” according to The Dallas Morning News.

The USA Today content in question allegedly falsely accused Ryan and hid the news outlet’s association with the firm.

Ryan claims it attempted to work with USA Today, unsuccessfully seeking “corrections, retractions, and other remedies” to correct the record for eight months before filing suit.

The lawsuit also alleges USA Today violated its own “Principles of Ethical Conduct for Newsrooms” by ignoring sound journalistic principles with its defamatory multimedia campaign against Ryan.

Additionally, Ryan claims it saved the news outlet’s parent company, Gannett Co. Inc, more than $2 million in taxes and accuses Gannett of committing fraud by unlawfully pocketing fees Ryan was due for its tax services, Business Wire reports.

The suit also alleges the USA Today story failed to disclose its relationship with the firm to its readers.

Ryan said that despite USA Today’s alleged misleading and defamatory statements, it has conducted its business with the highest ethical and legal standards.

Ryan now hopes the lawsuit will correct the record, recover significant lost profits suffered because of USA Today’s alleged defamatory statements, and hold the newspaper accountable for what the firm sees as willful, malicious, and unlawful behavior.

“We could not sit idly by and allow a major news organization to misrepresent our business,” said Ryan Chairman and CEO G. Brint Ryan, per Business Wire. “We are exceptionally proud of the legitimate tax savings we’ve secured for our global clients, including USA Today’s parent company, Gannett Co., Inc.”

Gannett’s chief communications officer, Lark-Marie Anton, declined to comment on the lawsuit, The Dallas Morning News reports. Anton simply stated in an email to the news outlet that Gannett and USA Today are no longer Ryan’s clients.

Ryan is suing for more than $1 million in damages.

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1 month ago

Good, I hope Ryan wins.

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