Shooting Assailant Killed By Concrete Bricks Thrown By Crowd



In Fort Worth, Texas, a gunman is dead after being killed by landscaping bricks thrown at him by a group of people that he was shooting at. Police said the man shot into the crowd after an argument ensued in the early morning hours on Monday during an assemblage in a backyard.  

The gunman killed one, with three other victims sent to the hospital. Police informed of a shooting happening at 5600 Shiloh Drive, arriving to multiple gunshot victims due to the gunman shooting into the crowd.  

The information police gathered told of an argument resulting in a person leaving and then returning to commence gunfire on one person. Afterward, other partygoers chased the gunman down as he shot at them.  

They started to hit the gunman with bricks and were said to have taken him down, as the gunman continued firing his gun, hitting two of the partygoers. The gunman and one of his shooting victims were pronounced dead at the crime scene.  

 Police have not yet released the names of the gunman or the shooting victim who died as of Monday. The three others shooting victims were taken for medical care after this deadly affray.  

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