Police Respond to Deaths in Downtown Houston Marriott


Photo by David von Diemar on Unsplash

Shots rang out of the Marriot Hotel lobby in Houston on Tuesday at 3:33 pm. Police arrived in a matter of minutes to a report of shots fired and found two dead individuals lying in the lobby.

Houston Police Department Police Chief Finner gave an update about the event, saying it was “not a random event” and that it was believed the two had some form of relationship.

An African American male in his late 30’s shot a Caucasian female in her late 20’s and immediately after shot himself in a murder-suicide.

Chief Finner said they were still trying to identify the individuals to find family to notify.

“This is tragic. We have two families apparently affected here,” said Finner.

Both the male and female had suitcases in hand, and a conversation suggested that they knew each other. It is believed they came in separate vehicles.

Chief Finner said the police department was working hard to get the hotel back in business and at the time of the press conference, the hotel was back to regular working order.

“Marriot Marquis is a fixture in our city and we’re standing strong with them. They do a lot on hiring off-duty police officers,” said Finner. “Marquis has been great to this city, and we are going to stand with them.”

Chief Finner shared the need for prayers for the families for their losses.

“Something like this, I don’t know where you can prevent it and it’s real sad.”

Besides the two deaths, no additional people were hurt.

Finner reiterated that the public was not in danger and that it was an isolated event.

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