Police Officer in Punching Incident Facing Other Excessive Force Probes


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A Dallas police officer who was seen punching a man in a viral video is currently under investigation for two other excessive force incidents.  

The Dallas Police Department has not released the officer’s identity, but multiple sources identified him as Melvin Williams. Officer Williams is a SWAT officer who was working off duty at the Off the Cuff bar on Elm Street. 

Williams is reportedly involved in two other excessive force incidents, both of which happened during last summer’s protests and unrest in Dallas. Specifically, Williams was involved in the case of 21-year-old Vincent Doyle, who was shot in the face with a sponge round. The Dallas DA is taking the case to a grand jury. 

“I remember seeing his laser, and I thought, ‘Are you trying to shoot at me?’ and all of a sudden it was like, Boom. I thought I had been shot for real,” Doyle said. 

Williams is also under investigation in the case of Brandon Saenz. Saenz was also shot with a sponge round in the eye. Saenz’s eye had to be removed as a result of the injury. 

Daryl Washington, attorney for both men, said Williams shouldn’t be wearing a badge and have a gun in his possession. “If they have that much anger and they can’t de-escalate situations, then they should not be a police officer,” Washington said. 

Mike Mata, President of the Dallas Police Associaton, said that he has seen the viral video and that the officer had some explaining to do. Mata said that citizens deserve an explanation and that the Dallas Police Department is investigating the case. 

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