Interview with Karla Barthelmy, Cultural Programs Director of The South Dallas Cultural Center


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Karla Barthelmy, the cultural programs coordinator of The South Dallas Cultural Center (SDCC), speaks on her experience working at the SDCC, the benefits it brings to the South Dallas community, and upcoming events that will be held there. Read her interview below.


Can you tell me a little bit about your organization?

“The South Dallas Cultural Center (SDCC) is an arts and cultural institution. We provide programs in the performing, literary, and visual arts with an emphasis on the African contribution to world culture.”


What do you do as the Cultural Programs Coordinator?

“As the Cultural Programs Coordinator, my mission is to provide management of our arts and culture programs and events, support community organization and artists, and connect to those in the South Dallas community through the visual and performing arts.”


What has your experience been like working at the South Dallas Cultural Center? Has it shaped who you are in any way?

“Working here at the Center has been a growth inspiring experience. Engaging with the community, arts, and culture and having a more hands-on approach to what we do as an institution pushes my creativity and social awareness. I have been fortunate to be here over the past 6 months learning from the many artists, my manager, community groups, and the OAC (Office of Arts and Cultural) team.”


To you, what benefits does the organization provide to its community? How so?

“The main benefit of our organization is to promote a more equitable, cooperative, and empathetic community by engaging the public with art and cultural experiences influenced by the African Diaspora.”


Are there any recent or upcoming events you’ll be hosting or participating in?

● ART Exhibition:
– UNSPOKEN BURDEN: Jeremy Biggers July 2 – August 14, 2021 (https://sdcc.dallasculture.org/exhibitions/)
– Her Ephemeral Self: Constance White Aug 27th, Opening, runs Aug 27 – Sept 30, 2021

● Sofar Sound: Artist Showcase Aug 27th

● Pegasus Project: Ongoing Workforce Training Courses in Graphic Design and Video Production

● Music Lounge x Sofar Sound: September 24

● Juanita J Craft Artist Residency: Residents Adriane McCray and Laura Neal begin their 1-month residency (August-September)

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