House of Shine Promotes Self-awareness, Learning


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Whether you’re just learning the rules of school etiquette or want a mature way to gain self-insight, the House of Shine has plenty of pointers. Developing strengths, learning to compensate for your weaknesses, and anticipating the needs of others are all important to everyday life. And, in the process of mastering these concepts, visitors can help improve the world they live in. 

For the executive team, the work is highly rewarding. “There can be no more gratifying work than helping people discover their unique combination of talents and gifts and how to use them to make a positive difference in their corner of the world,” House of Shine’s executive director, Dr. Claudia Beeny, states.  

The 501(c)(3) nonprofit interactive museum works to help people discover themselves, or “Unearth your shine,” as Beeny puts it. Their mission: “To help people from 5 to 95 discover who they are and why their contribution to the world matters.”  

Using engaging exhibits, events, programs, and the Shine Framework and methodology that was originally explained in Dr. Beeny’s book What’s Your Shine?: A Method for Discovering Who You Are and Why It Matters, the museum helps people to accomplish their goals. 

Beeny states, “The impact we are having on people’s lives is profound. For elementary and middle schoolers it is about creating positive campus cultures – whole environments that use shared language and experiences to showcase students’ attributes. In high school and college it is about creating confident decision-makers; self-aware students who choose relationships, studies, and career paths that align with their values and innate talents and strengths. For employees, it’s about making sure the right people are sitting in the right seats on the bus. And for retirees and senior citizens, it’s making sure people feel relevant and purpose-filled until the end of life” 

Those trained in their techniques can become certified Shinetologist, with their next certification period coming up in late October.  

Shine is about more than just self-discovery. Located in Grapevine, Texas, the organization plans to book as many events as possible to increase mental health awareness, an issue Beeny calls a “national problem.” They also host approximately 15 programs and events a month. Many of which focus on leadership development, the arts, and entrepreneurship. 

Beginning September 9, they will have their Rise and Shine event, a monthly workshop for women held one Thursday of the month. “It’s inspirational, thought-provoking, and the perfect chance to be in a community with other growth-minded women,” Beeny states.  

In addition, they offer a Teen Leadership Institute in which twelve selected students intern with House of Shine for a year while gaining life experience and leadership skills.  

For more information on House of Shine, visit their website here 

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