Afghan Families Being Evacuated to Dallas


afghan refugees
As Afghan citizens flee the Taliban, refugee services are working to resettle some Afghan families in Dallas.

As the Taliban move into Afghanistan, many Afghan citizens are desperate to flee the country and its new regime.

While the Taliban are promising to be more inclusive this time around and that they will allow girls and women to continue working and attending school, these proclamations are being met with deep skepticism.

The Refugee Services of Texas is currently working with federal partners to relocate Afghan citizens to Texas safely. At least 10 families have already been resettled in the Dallas area, and many more are expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

“The situation is really desperate,” said Ashley Faye, development director for Refugee Services of Texas.

The agency is given 24-48 hour notice of incoming families and is rushing to find them shelter and basic necessities. They are partnering with hotels, apartment complexes, and even Airbnb and private citizens to find temporary housing for the incoming refugees. Refugee Services will also help families find long-term work and get children settled into local schools.

People who have worked with the US Armed Forces over the last two decades are considered to be in imminent danger if they remain in Afghanistan under the Taliban. Therefore, they are being granted Special Immigrant Visas and allowed to enter the country without the customary waiting period.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions right now about immigration,” Faye said. “I just want to recognize that the men and women coming over right now are veterans. They’re U.S. veterans. They fought for us. The least we can do is make sure they’re safe in Texas.”

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