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Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Tips for Hair Stylist Tipping in 2021

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The average tip for a hairstylist is 20%, but the average gratuity in Dallas is 9%.

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You just got your hair highlighted at the salon, and now — how much do you tip your stylist?  

If you have thought this before, you are not alone. It seems that the question of the amount to tip, or even to tip at all, has been going on since salons opened.  

According to a survey done by Texas College Cosmetology (TCC), 20% is the norm. Regardless of the service and its cost, tipping is not required but “expected.” TCC adds, “If you are at the salon for more than three hours and getting a decent amount of work done, consider tipping closer to 22 or 25 percent.” 

But do Dallasites tip the 20% norm?  

The answer is “no,” according to the website How Much Joe. In its unconventional survey, the average gratuity for a hairstylist or barber regardless of the service in Dallas is 9%, while the state of Texas averages a 17% tip.  

TIPS which stands for “To Insure Prompt Service,” varies depending on where and who you ask. Many stylists do not even say how much their average tip is for fear of getting a smaller gratuity from you.  

While the amount varies, here is a list of tipping etiquette to consider when you get up from the stylist’s chair: 

  • Barber – $2-3 
  • Hair Extensions – 10-20%, regardless of the cost of the service 
  • Hair Stylist or Color Specialist – 10-20% ($3-5 extra for last-minute service) 
  • Shampoo or other assistants – $2-5 for each person (Hand the tip directly to the person providing the service.) 

How does your tipping measure up?  

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