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Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Thousands Wait in Line at Local Food Bank


Volunteer at a Tarrant Area Food Bank event. | Image from Tarrant Area Food Bank via The Flash List

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More than a thousand North Texans waited in line on Thursday, June 16, to receive food from the Tarrant Area Food Bank (TAFB), as rising prices for food and gas place a heavy burden on household budgets. 

TAFB hosted a food drive at Dickies Arena, where 1,230 families were given food boxes for the inaugural “Dinner For Dad’s” event. The day before, on Wednesday, June 15, TAFB hosted a food drive that served 1,600 families. 

With inflation reaching unprecedented heights in May, many people like David Scott of Fort Worth have had no choice but to rely on organizations like TAFB for help. 

“It’s a struggle,” Scott told WFAA. “It’s really kind of tough, cause you wanna have everything provided, food…but everything is so high.”

“We’re right back at where we were during the pandemic,” TAFB CEO Julie Butner told WFAA. “People are really trying. They’ve gone back to work, but things are so expensive, their household budgets are pinched again.”

The Tarrant Area Food Bank plans to continue offering food events throughout Tarrant County with their Mega Mobile Markets. Food distribution does not require an I.D., but some locations may ask for it. You do not need to reside in the county where the food event is taking place to participate, but there are some requirements to receive food. 

Three ways to qualify include government benefits such as SNAP, SSI, TANF, etc. You must be income-eligible according to the USDA guidelines or currently experiencing a crisis such as a fire, flood, flat tire, paying for medical expenses, or if a child needs glasses. COVID-19 may be a factor if it has disrupted household income. 

Upcoming Mega Mobile Markets are on the following dates and times. 



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Sue Thomas
Sue Thomas
17 days ago

This is Biden’s America- those who chose the fraud should not be eligible

Burnett Marus
Burnett Marus
17 days ago

I wonder how many cars had Biden stickers?

17 days ago

What about the gas that is burning up? Maybe the plan is to raise the price on everything, that way the people that are not working and can, will get a job!!!

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