Fort Worth City Council has approved the nearly $1 billion expansion plan for the Stockyards proposed earlier this month.

On Tuesday, the city council unanimously approved the second phase of development, which will primarily occur in the parking lots behind Billy Bob’s Texas, per Fox 4 KDFW.

The approved expansion would be the largest in over a century for this beloved Fort Worth landmark, according to CBS News Texas.

Plans include over 300,000 square feet of commercial space, three hotels with at least 500 rooms, two underground parking garages with a total of 1,300 spaces, and 295 units of multifamily housing, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

The first phase of the expansion project included a refresh and expansion of Mule Alley, Hotel Drover, and Hyatt Place, which added over 180,000 square feet of commercial space and over 300 hotel rooms, per DX.

Despite the council’s approval, some have raised concerns about local businesses and the future of the Stockyards after this development.

Cheryl Bean, a Fort Worth businesswoman, previously told DX about her concerns.

“As a sixth-generation Texan whose roots began in the West Texas cattle industry, I strongly believe we need to maintain the Stockyards as a unique Texas experience that is true to our history,” Bean told DX in an interview.

However, Council Member Carlos Flores (District 2) pointed to the success of the first phase of the Stockyards expansion and elaborated on his hope for the next phase.

“Phase One exceeded all expectations, and it validated the approach,” he said. “Again, good balance of redevelopment with historic preservation involved every step of the way. We intend to do the same thing with Phase Two and their larger expectations for success.”

Investors will contribute $630 million to begin the expansion. The project is slated for completion by late 2032, as per DX.