Red Goose Saloon in Fort Worth will no longer be hosting its weekend drag shows, which were open to minors and featured performer Salem Moon.

“As some may have heard, we are no longer doing shows at Red Goose Saloon due to the owner of RGS improperly caring for our show and team. That being said, we are moving!” Salem Moon wrote in an email to Haus of Moon Production email subscribers.

“Currently, we’re finalizing the new location as we speak, but this weekend’s brunch we had scheduled for June 30th unfortunately has been cancelled at RG because of poor planning,” Moon continued.

As previously reported by The Dallas Express, Red Goose Saloon hosted drag shows that were open to minors to attend every Sunday afternoon. The shows included sexually provocative dancing and performers dressed in lingerie.

The saloon was also met with protests by the Texas Coalition for Kids.

“All drag shows should have an 18-plus age restriction. The organizers of this show were clearly targeting children by making it Disney-themed. We’ll continue protesting this venue until they stop allowing kids to attend,” Texas Coalition for Kids President Kelly Neidert previously told DX.

When a reporter for DX reached out to the Red Goose Saloon via Facebook Messenger asking for clarification about what “improper care” meant, DX received a curt response: “No Comment! Thank you.”

Red Goose Saloon then proceeded to block the DX reporter on Facebook.

Salem Moon replied to DX‘s email inquiry for additional information, denying having that minors had attended the shows.

“Don’t know why that issue keeps coming up, as your press team before has been to my shows and has not witnessed any minors at our shows (nor have we had any at the shows in general),” Moon stated in the email to DX.

Moon accused the venue of not being ADA compliant and being dysfunctional.

“We outgrew the venue and need a space that can handle our new following and a place with proper ADA compliances,” Moon explained in the email to DX.

“Improperly working music equipment/sound equipment, not working bathrooms, improper promotion, and no ADA compliance,” Moon added.