Members of the Tarrant County Commissioners Court have increased the homestead property tax exemption in the county for the second time in as many years.

The Tuesday vote raised the exemption from 10% to 20%, affecting the property tax bills of approximately 404,000 qualifying homeowners in Tarrant County, according to WFAA.

Commissioners also approved a 20% homestead exemption for Tarrant County Hospital’s tax collection.

Since his election in late 2022, Tarrant County Judge Tim O’Hare has prioritized implementing a lower property tax burden. As reported previously by The Dallas Express, he helped shrink the county’s taxpayer spending for fiscal year 2024 by nearly $8 million compared to the year prior — the biggest reduction seen in at least a decade.

The move to increase the homestead property tax exemption was applauded by other county officials.

“Anytime elected leaders can reduce property taxes in Texas, it’s a win for taxpayers,” County Commissioner Manny Ramirez told DX. “It’s become one of the larger expenses for homeowners.”

Ramirez went on to explain that he was proud of the county staff for prioritizing fiscal responsibility and making major moves to reduce the tax burden.

“This year, we created history again by adding an additional 10%,” Ramirez said, adding that Tarrant County taxpayers would pay roughly $60 million less in taxes next year.

The commissioner also praised O’Hare’s leadership.

“Judge O’Hare is doing a great job,” Ramirez told DX.

Others echoed Ramirez’s praise for O’Hare.

“If you want an example of great conservative leadership, look no further than Judge O’Hare and the Tarrant County Commissioners Court. This move shows they are working hard on behalf of all Tarrant County residents. We need more people like Judge O’Hare in government,” Tarrant County Republican Party Chairman Bo French told DX.

Rick Barnes, the Republican nominee for Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector, also weighed in.

“I am very proud of our County Judge Tim O’Hare and the Commissioners for taking bold steps for the citizens of Tarrant County. This is an example of actions that need to be taken to help the taxpayers. As a nominee for Tax Assessor, it is my vision for Tarrant County that all tax entities work to do the same,” Barnes said in a statement to DX.

O’Hare also celebrated the win for taxpayers.

“By increasing the Homestead Exemptions to the maximum allowed by state law, we are ensuring that homeowners will keep more of their hard-earned money. Setting both Homestead Exemptions at 20% for the first time in Tarrant County is not only historic but also responsible government,” O’Hare said in a statement, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.