Ah, summer in North Texas — the time when you step outside and instantly regret it.

The sun’s blazing down like it hates you, and the air feels like a giant hairdryer set on high. It’s so hot that you start to envy those ice cubes clinking in your glass. All you can think about is finding some shade and a popsicle to cool off. That sweet, icy goodness seems like the only salvation from the relentless heat.

Luckily, FTW Today compiled a list of spots in Fort Worth and elsewhere in the metroplex where one can grab a popsicle.

Food trucks and specialty shops offering gourmet popsicles and ice creams typically thrive this time of year, capitalizing on the sweltering weather to attract customers looking for a refreshing escape. Overall, it stands to reason the blistering Texas summer is a boon for the frozen treat market.

Here’s some of what FTW Today put together for those looking for some cool relief:

If you’ve been here a few years, you may remember that Steel City Pops used to be the popsicle game around Cowtown, but the company closed most of its DFW locations between 2019 and 2022. Never fear, though, we wouldn’t turn a cold shoulder on frozen treats.

Frio’s Gourmet Pops | Multiple locations
Frio’s, a catering + popsicle truck, is available for events all over Fort Worth. The vendor offers a host of year-round flavors, including strawberry mango + key lime pie, and some “Rotating Rhondas” with seasonal availability, such as pickle and juicy orange.

Helados El Sol | 2418 NE 28th St.
The no- and low-sugar popsicles are all made in-house. Pro tip: Grab dinner at the nearby Thai-Laotian restaurant Sikhay, get the scallion pancakes + fried rice, and then head to Helados for dessert.