Dallas Police Department and their newly formed Street Racing Task Force have made it a current priority to step up patrols in areas frequented by street racing and stunt groups and respond quickly to complaints about illegal racing.

This weekend, those efforts resulted in police shutting down 11 racing and stunt events across Dallas.

The events, known as “takeovers,” have occurred on streets including Stemmons, Cockrell Hill, and Botham Jean. Large groups of spectators show up and block intersections, clearing strips of the road in order for the dangerous and illegal races to commence.

This summer has already seen multiple deaths due to street racing, some from accidents and others due to altercations between spectators.

Despite hostile crowds which shot paintballs and fireworks at responding officers, dozens of spectators and participants were cited and arrested. It is illegal to attend street racing events even as a spectator, and doing so can result in misdemeanor charges and fines.

At one takeover in the 4200 block of Parry Avenue, near Fair Park, officers apprehended two people who were witnessed firing assault rifles in the air before fleeing from police.

The total for Friday and Saturday nights included 81 arrests of people ranging in age from 17 to 43 years old. Dallas Police also handed out 43 citations, seized seven guns, and had 35 vehicles towed.