A man was arrested at a Dallas card show in Allen on Sunday after he stole a valuable Luka Doncic card and then tried to sell it at the same event. According to police, the owner of the card had reported it stolen on Saturday at the show. The suspected thief went back to the venue at the Delta Marriott hotel and tried to sell the card. 

Police say that the card’s owner was alerted to the presence of the thief. The owner promptly alerted officers of the Dallas Police Department who were already at the hotel for unrelated reasons. Officers told CBS 11 News they were able to verify that the Luka Doncic card belonged to the owner through a serial number on the card. 

A video of police arresting the suspected thief was captured by Mike Simmons, who was one of the vendors at the card show. The vendor confirmed that the Luka Doncic card was worth around $5,000. 

The Dallas Police Department has not released the alleged thief’s identity or the charges filed against him.