Three people were reportedly killed, while two others were injured in a fatal crash in Dallas. The crash happened overnight on Monday in Mockingbird Lane. 

According to the Dallas Police Department, two vehicles were speeding in the 300 W. Mockingbird Lane neighborhood when both vehicles made contact with each other. One of the vehicles was a Range Rover, while the other a Chevy Tahoe. 

Police say contact between both speeding vehicles caused the Tahoe to hit a guard rail, forcing the Tahoe to go into the air before it crashed into a nearby building. Police said two of the people inside the Tahoe were thrown from the vehicle, while the remaining three still inside the Tahoe at the time of the crash died. 

Police also said the Range Rover crashed into a nearby telephone pole and caught fire. The two occupants of the Range Rover were taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition. 

Dallas police say they are carrying out an investigation to determine the cause of the crash. Police also added that their Vehicle Crimes unit is working to determine if any charges will be filed.