Young Couple Narrowly Survives Deadly Tornado

Zach Moore and Elizabeth Gilbert | Image by GoFundMe
Zach Moore and Elizabeth Gilbert | Image by GoFundMe

Following a deadly tornado, one North Texas couple is thankful to be alive.

The May 25 tornado that ripped through Valley View left Elizabeth Gilbert and Zach Moore’s life flipped upside down.

The engaged couple was enjoying their Saturday, spending time taking engagement photos before the night took a turn for the worse.

“Last night, Elizabeth and Zach, were sadly hit by the tornado that tore through Valley View. It tossed their house, with them inside, into the air and across the road into their neighbors yard. They lost EVERYTHING. Their house, their cars, everything they had in the house, and some of their animals are still missing.” Gilbert’s sister Emily shared on a GoFundMe she created.

“Elizabeth suffered a brain bleed and a large laceration across the back of her head, requiring 12 staples. She is talking a little bit she has along road ahead of he, as well as Zach.

“Zach suffered a spinal injury in the tornado and is currently going under full spinal reconstruction. They need all the prayers sent their way during this hard time,” per the GoFundMe page.

“I remember I was with my fiancé…” Gilbert told WFAA. “I went to give him a hug, and I remember the whole roof tilting.”

Gilbert hasn’t been able to speak to her fiancé, per WFAA, but she shared that she’s “happy he’s alive… I just miss him.”

She further shared what she wanted people to learn from this deadly tornado.

“Don’t take everything for granted…. if you’re alive, you’re alive… you have to keep fighting,” she told WFAA. “Even if it’s hard.”

Emily plans to set up a meal train after the couple’s release.

The National Weather Service survey crews examined the damage from the tornado on May 26, rating it as a “higher-end EF-2” with maximum winds of 135 mph, per NBC 5 DFW.

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