VIDEO: Transgender Woman Allegedly Runs Over, Stabs Man

Karon Fisher | Image by Houston Police Department
Karon Fisher | Image by Houston Police Department

A horrifying incident unfolded on Woodridge Square Drive in Houston on May 3, when a 64-year-old man suddenly became the target of a random violent attack at the hands of a 20-year-old transgender woman — and the entire crime was caught on video.

According to reports from the Houston Police Department (HPD), Steven Anderson was walking along the side of the street on his way to pick up his mail when a car rapidly approached him from behind, striking him at high speed. Shockingly, the driver then reversed direction and hit him again.

As bystanders rushed to call for help and render aid to the man, the suspect, identified by police as Karon Fisher, returned to the scene on foot, wielding a knife. Fisher allegedly straddled Anderson’s limp body, kissed him more than once, and then proceeded to stab him nine times, according to a report by ABC 13.

Clear video footage captured the violent attack, showing Fisher, with bleached blonde hair and dressed in a black bra and high-waisted black shorts, leaning over the victim. ABC 13 edited the video due to the graphic violence depicted.

Following the brutal assault, Fisher attempted to flee the scene, but witnesses quickly alerted law enforcement to the suspect’s whereabouts. Officers were able to locate and detain Fisher, who now faces charges of murder in Harris County.

The video has triggered a nationwide response from a variety of media outlets and public figures, including Elon Musk, who condemned the public murder on video as “terrible” in a post on X.

It has been revealed that Fisher was on five-year community supervision for evading arrest in 2023 and had a prior charge of prostitution in 2021, although the latter case was later dismissed, according to the City of Houston.

Additionally, Fisher was charged with assaulting a hospital worker the same day that she allegedly murdered Anderson. In a social media post on May 6, HPD shared Fisher’s mugshot and confirmed the murder charge.

Fisher has been charged with evading arrest, assault of hospital personnel, and murder. Bond has been set at $2.125 million, according to Harris County inmate records. Fisher currently awaits a trial date set for May 24.

In Dallas, where a significant officer shortage has left the Dallas Police Department’s crime-fighting efforts hampered, there was a 15% increase in murders last year. The vast majority of victims were either black or Hispanic, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

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