TX Senator Urges Border Bill, Ukraine Support

Senator John Cornyn | Image by Christopher Halloran/Shutterstock

Texas’ Senior Senator John Cornyn recently called for increased border security measures and continued American aid to Ukraine.

In an interview with Fox News, Cornyn emphasized the struggles surrounding attempts to reach the bipartisan support necessary for passing a border security package.

“The sad fact is though, that given the President’s open border policy and what’s been happening at the border, it’s made it much harder to find that common ground, but I think it all starts with border security,” Cornyn suggested to Fox.

“I visited with some of our Texas Congressmen and asked them to please send us a border security bill as soon as you can,” the senator added. “Then we can begin looking here in the Senate for building a bi-partisan consensus to get us to 60 votes, which as a practical matter is the only way we can get anything through the Senate and then hopefully to the President.”

In the Senate, it takes 60 votes to close debate on an item and bring it to the floor for a vote. Therefore, successful proposals require bipartisan support in order to have a chance of passage.

Cornyn continued in his conversation with Fox to note, “The border is more complex than I think a lot of people acknowledge because you have a certain number of people who are coming to the border, economic migrants and the like, and you have some people who are claiming asylum.”

Pointing the finger at the policies of President Joe Biden, however, the senator continued, “it’s our asylum system along with ‘catch and release’ policies of the administration that continue to encourage more and more people to come.”

Cornyn also highlighted the struggle the government will have concerning the debt ceiling, blaming Democrats for excess spending.

At the same time, however, Cornyn also doubled down on support for Ukraine, telling Fox, “We need to continue to help them because Mr. Putin is not going to stop.”

“If there was a pause in the fighting or if there was a temporary peace, he would use that to re-set and replenish his munitions and continue his march across Europe,” Cornyn alleged.

In 2022 alone, Congress sent over $113 billion in taxpayer money to Ukraine and other nations to assist against Russian military operations, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. In the first week of 2023, the Biden administration approved another $3.75 billion of taxpayer-funded support.

Sen. Cornyn has received criticism from Texas Republicans for his full-throated support for Ukraine, and some county-level GOP organizations have called for his resignation, as reported by The Dallas Express.

In a resolution passed by the Lamar County Republican Party, the group condemned Cornyn for voting “with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and the Democrats in May 2022 to pass a $40 billion aid package to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty and borders while the U.S. and Texas southern border remain wide open.”

Scott Hommel, the chairman of Lamar County GOP, expressed to The Dallas Express, “if you do not follow the Republican Party’s wishes, our platform, and our legislative priorities, I don’t think you should be a member of our governing body representing the state of Texas in any way, shape, or form.”

Sen. Cornyn did not respond to requests for comment by The Dallas Express regarding the resignation demand.

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  1. gypsy

    Cornyn trust NOT he is a rino cares nothing for Texas or the rest of America. Sooner he resigns the better the country will be. God bless America

    • R Reason

      And God bless the FBI, the DOJ, Ukraine, Biden’s laptop, Twitter, drag shows and loud, overbearing, know-nothing, divisive Republican internet trolls, and ex-president indictments.

  2. Bill

    Cornyn is part of the good old boy republican party. He is just a pocket mouse for McConnell. He voted for most of Biden’s spending. Ukraine shouldnt get another DIME of our money until We, The American people see an itemized list of where this money went. Cornyn is a RAT!

    • Don M

      100% agree!!!! Although I would add that in addition to itemized list of expenditures for aid to Ukraine, I want an itemized list of ALL government expenditures — local, county, state and federal. I’m tired of not knowing where the money goes and I know most of it is wasted.
      Back to Cornyn — how much of a percentage is he getting of the monetary aid
      sent to Zelenskyland.
      Also, the campaign contributions he gets from the military industrial complex.

  3. Latin George

    I will no longer support him. I have written him and I suggest everyone does to express what we expect from him.

    • Tim

      A friend who also lives in Texas says the same thing, that he never responds to calls or emails.

  4. Tim

    This clown needs to be ousted in the next election. He was a rotten judge, and is an even worse senator. He cares very little about his constituents. It would be great to see a true conservative run against him in the next election.

  5. Wrath

    Cornyn needs to resign. He is supporting the Ukraine…however, they didn’t vote for him. He is supposed to represent Texas.

  6. Joyce

    Cornyn is a disgrace. The state Republican Committee needs to censor him. The Committee also needs to vet a good opponent and discourage multiple candidates. Cornyn wins because there are so many candidates in the primary that votes are diluted and no one candidate can win against him.

  7. Robert

    The Texas and Southern US Border….YES! The Ukraine l….HARD NO!

  8. DONNA

    Can we impeach Cornyn?

    • RiverKing

      The House of Representatives can. But I don’t know if a Senator has ever been impeached and I doubt very much that the Senate would then vote to convict.

  9. fed up with Dallas County

    John Cornyn is going to get all of us killed in a nuclear war.


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