TX GOP Keep Watchful Eye on New Chair, Direction of Party

Texas GOP Chair Abraham George | Image by Abraham George/Twitter
Texas GOP Chair Abraham George | Image by Abraham George/Twitter

Across Texas, Republicans are watching new Texas GOP Chair Abraham George and thinking about the direction the state and party are headed.

As previously reported by The Dallas Express, the Republican Party of Texas met for the 2024 convention the last weekend in May to elect a new chairman, as outgoing chair Matt Rinaldi decided not to run for re-election.

Tarrant County Republican Chairman Bo French stated that George will follow in Rinaldi’s footsteps and make progress for the party.

“Under the leadership of Matt Rinaldi, the Texas GOP finally made progress in getting a more conservative agenda across the finish line. He elevated the party in a way that also brought historic victories for conservatives this primary season,” French told The Dallas Express.

“Abraham George is the kind of chairman that will follow in Matt’s footsteps, doing even more. I expect the 2025 legislative season will set the bar even higher for what Republicans can accomplish here in Texas,” he added.

George told Fox News that his priority is to expand the Republican presence in the Texas State House and help Senator Ted Cruz and President Donald Trump win in November.

“Going into the November election, my goal is to work and ensure we gain more seats in the Texas House and Senate,” George said. “We have Ted Cruz and Donald Trump on the ballot. Those campaigns are very important to the RPT, and we are working on strategy, fundraising, and execution.”

George stated that he does not feel concerned that the state will swing blue in the near future.

“Grassroots are energized; there are more volunteers for the Republican Party than ever before. South Texas is moving towards us; we’re starting to pick up seats in those areas, and we’re going to be working hand in hand with the county chairs there. I think we’re in a great place to start. I don’t think we’re going blue anytime soon, although a lot of people like to talk about it,” George said.

“The legislative priorities haven’t been published yet, but I expect it’ll be about closing our borders and election integrity is going to be major for us,” he noted.

The proposed Republican Party of Texas platform includes teaching the Bible in public schools, support for school choice, and an electoral change requiring elected state leaders to win the popular vote, The Texas Tribune reported.

“I think it’s great, they have eight [policy focuses] that they’re highlighting. I will be focused on school choice. I think we have a huge opportunity to get that done,” State Rep. Caroline Harris Davila (R-Round Rock) told Fox News.

Not every Republican was optimistic about the new chair.

“RPT needs competent leadership for the first time in five years. I doubt we will see that,” Travis County Chair Matt Mackowiak told Fox News.

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