Trapped Workers Rescued from Under Local School

Trapped Workers Rescued From Under Local School
Two maintenance workers have been rescued after they were trapped under a concrete slab | Image by Glen Ellman Fort Worth Fire Department/Twitter

Two maintenance workers have been rescued after they were trapped under a concrete slab at a school building in Euless on Monday.

The workers were at the Treetop School International, located on South Pipeline Road, to repair a water main break when mud collapsed around them, according to the Fort Worth Fire Department.

Rescue teams and firefighters from Fort Worth, Euless, Haltom City, Grapevine, Hurst, Keller, and Watauga responded at about 5:40 p.m.

They had to dig mud out from the trench to help the workers escape from underneath the concrete.

“The two men were with Roto-Rooter and were making repairs to a slab leak when the ground sunk in due to the heavy rain throughout the day,” the fire department wrote in a Facebook post. “The men were trapped about 15 feet under the building in incredibly slick mud that made climbing out impossible.”

With help from several local crews, the two workers were rescued and walked out of the trench after extensive digging.

“That’s why these guys do all this strenuous training throughout the year. They don’t get to use that training in the actual field as often as they train for it,” said Craig Trojacek from the Fort Worth Fire Department. “Anytime we have a situation like this where that training comes back and proves to save lives, from the amount of effort that goes into the training itself, we’re happy to report on those aspects.”

“After being trapped for almost 90 minutes, firefighters were able to rescue the two men,” said the Facebook post. “Although cold, wet and shaken from the ordeal, they sustained no serious injuries and walked to awaiting MedStar medics.”

The workers were taken to a local hospital to be examined.

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  1. Diane Fletcher

    What a wonderful ending to a terrible and dangerous situation. The responders were wonderful. Good news is always welcome.


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