The Dallas Express is pleased to announce that Don Huffines has joined the publication as a featured columnist.

A Dallas native and fifth-generation Texan, Huffines has spent decades as a business leader in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. From 2015 to 2019, he represented local District 16 in the Texas Senate. Just last year, Huffines mounted a campaign for Texas governor.

Huffines’ column, “Liberty Report,” will run every Tuesday in The Dallas Express.

This column aims to provide valuable and factual information for readers based on my firsthand experience as a State Senator representing Dallas and my 40-year experience as an independent businessman in Dallas,” Huffines says of the new project.

He adds: “My fight right now is to advance liberty, prosperity, and virtue. I am interested in sharing the hard truth and providing solutions to cure the problems that Texans face, rather than simply putting a bandaid on the issues.”

Last year, the former senator established the Huffines Liberty Foundation to advance these priorities. The Dallas Express has previously reported on the foundation’s work, including studies on subjects such as property taxes and corporate tax abatements.

Huffines sees this research, his previous political service, and his work with The Dallas Express as complementary endeavors.

“If the people are not educated on the proper role of government, which is always to defend your God-given liberties, then we are all doomed,” he argues. “Our founding fathers knew the greatest threat to our liberty was the government they created. If you educate people that to truly experience liberty we must have a virtuous society, the political world is less important when they have a solid foundation. “

Huffines adds that “the press should play a huge role” in holding the government accountable to citizens.

While he does not see the vast majority of media institutions fulfilling that role today, Huffines appreciates journalists and institutions like The Dallas Express that still observe that duty.

“These people are so successful,” he notes, “because they understand that to hold public leaders accountable, you must always assume they are not telling the truth.

“A true patriot does not just have the authority to question government. A true patriot has an obligation to question government.”

Huffines has contributed occasional opinion pieces to The Dallas Express in the past, presenting creative thought on Texas’ border crisis. 

The Dallas Express is serving a large niche that needs to be filled in the Metroplex,” says Huffines. “People need an opportunity to read the news without having to pay for it. … The Dallas Express is challenging traditional media in many ways, to the reader’s benefit.”

The Dallas Express is proud to serve as Dallasites’ most reliable resource for understanding what’s happening in the city and beyond. This includes not just reporting the news to arm our readers with the facts, but giving a platform to key leaders and thinkers who can introduce Dallasites to fresh perspectives and profound insights.

The inaugural Liberty Report, “Overthrowing Our Texan Monarchy,” is available to our readers now. The column takes a fresh look at the prospect for term limits in Austin, drawing on Huffines’ own experience in the Texas Senate.