Teen Allegedly Murders His ‘Cannibal’ Family

Police and ambulance truck. | Image by Artiom Photo

An 18-year-old has been arrested in East Texas for allegedly murdering four members of his family who he claimed were cannibals.

The Nash Police Department responded to a call about an “unknown issue” at a residence at 563 Lemon Acres in the morning hours of May 23. Law enforcement said in a press release that witnesses on the scene alerted police that an armed subject had barricaded himself inside the house and multiple people inside were dead.

Multiple law enforcement agencies assisted local officers, including the Bowie County Sheriff’s Department, the Department of Public Safety, the Texas Rangers, and the Wake Village Police Department, among others.

After a brief standoff, the barricaded subject, identified as 18-year-old Cesar Olalde, surrendered to police and was taken into custody. Inside the home, officers discovered the bodies of four individuals who had been shot to death.

The victims were identified as Olalde’s parents, Reuben Olalde and Aida Garcia, and siblings, Oliver and Lisbet Olalde.

“It appeared as if the victims had been shot at various places in the residence and drug to the bathroom,” according to a probable cause affidavit. “Multiple spent cartridge casings” were found on the floor, and the officer reported seeing “blood spatter on multiple surfaces.”

The affidavit states that during the standoff, Cesar Olalde called 911 and told the dispatcher numerous times that he had killed his family.

Before the police arrived, a coworker of Lisbet Olalde arrived at the home to find out why Lisbet had not come to work. He, his wife, and another Olalde family member who had arrived on the scene forced their way into the residence, where they were confronted by Cesar, who brandished a gun and a knife.

The coworker, later identified as Joseph Flieder, and the other two witnesses fled the residence. They informed arriving police officers that Cesar was armed and there were bodies in the house. Flieder also told officers that Cesar claimed to have killed his family because “they were cannibals and were going to eat him,” according to the affidavit.

Cesar Olalde is currently in detention at the Bi-State Jail in Texarkana, Texas, charged with Capital Murder of Multiple Persons. He is being held on a $10 million bond.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money for funeral expenses for the four victims.

Law enforcement is continuing its investigation into the alleged murders.

While family violence murders in Dallas have ticked down in recent months, street murders shot up since the new year, with the Dallas Police Department logging over 20% more as of May 1, year over year.

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