The Texas Agriculture Commissioner has issued an allegedly anti-transgender order to his employees.

Commissioner Sid Miller directed his employees to dress “in a manner consistent with their biological gender,” according to a document obtained by The Texas Tribune.

The Department of Agriculture’s Dress Code and Grooming Policy says it was created on April 13, 2023. The policy applies to all employees, including interns and contract employees who will be working on the premises or interacting with others on behalf of the Department of Agriculture.

Barbara Strickland, communications specialist for the Department of Agriculture, relayed a statement from the commissioner to The Dallas Express regarding this dress policy.

“Common sense dress code policies are still legal in the state of Texas and at the Texas Department of Agriculture,” Commissioner Miller said. “[The Texas Department of Agriculture’s] policies are in the best interest of our employees and the constituents we serve.”

Texas GOP Chairman Matt Rinaldi said in a statement to The Dallas Express that MIller’s dress policy is “rational, sane, and professional.”

“It’s mind-blowing it rises to the level of news in this increasingly irrational society,” he said. “This should be the standard for all taxpayer-funded entities in Texas.”

However, critics claim the policy is discriminatory.

ACLU of Texas Attorney Brian Klosterboer said the policy violates Title VII, which prohibits discrimination against employees on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

He also claimed the provision violates the Equal Protection Clause and employees’ First Amendment right to free expression, per The Texas Tribune.