Almost four dozen Texas House Republicans signaled to the public that they may not make a priority of preventing Democrats from being appointed as committee chairs, per a report by the Texas Scorecard:

“This comes after 46 current and incoming members recently signed a pledge to only vote for a Speaker of the House that does not put Democrats in leadership positions. 21 of those members, thus far, have also signed onto the ‘Contract With Texas’, a series of 12 proposed House reforms to end powersharing with Democrats and emphasize Republican legislative priorities.

“Enter the ‘Texas Conservative Commitment.’

“With 10 planks, the pledge largely mirrors the legislative priorities passed by delegates to the Republican Party of Texas convention last month but with softer language. It also includes property tax relief and ‘universal school choice.’

“Notably missing, however, is ending Democrat chairmanships. While the exact source of the Texas Conservative Commitment is still unknown, it stems from members close to current House leadership.

“Former Texas GOP Chairman Matt Rinaldi turned attention to the 26 members that signed the Texas Conservative Commitment but have not signed the pledge against Democrat chairs.”

To read the entire article by the Texas Scorecard and see which House Republicans signed the pledge, please click HERE.