The House General Investigating Committee has recommended that Rep. Bryan Slaton (R-Royse City) be expelled for an alleged inappropriate sexual relationship with a 19-year-old staffer.

Speaking to the House, Rep. Andrew Murr (R-Junction) announced the committee’s finding, explaining, “We find that Representative Slaton has engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with a subordinate. That behavior was induced by alcohol that Representative Slaton provided to that 19-year-old subordinate.”

“Representative Slaton then acted systematically to influence that subordinate and multiple witnesses and obstruct the investigation into the matter to the detriment of both our chamber and those who work here,” he continued.

“As you will read shortly, this committee unanimously recommends that the House discipline Representative Slaton by expelling him,” Murr said. “The expulsion of a fellow member is a level of punishment we don’t take lightly.”

Slaton described himself on Twitter as a “Christian Conservative,” a “Proud Texan,” and a “Defender of Liberty.” He had served as a youth pastor for River Hills Baptist Church and Mimosa Lane Baptist Church and attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

His political campaign website includes testimonials from other ministers and several members of youth groups Slaton taught. In total, Slaton spent 13 years as a youth and family minister, according to his campaign.

The investigation had been launched after three female staffers, aged 19 to 21, filed complaints alleging that Slaton engaged in sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior.

The complaints, as described in the committee’s report, claimed that “Slaton violated the House Drug and Alcohol Policy … by providing alcohol to Sophie A., known to him to be a minor … and by offering and/providing alcohol to Emily J., also known to him to be a minor.”

The report detailed allegations that Slaton had repeatedly offered alcohol to his underage female staffers and invited one, Sophie A., over to his apartment for drinks and had sex, according to another staffer from a different office.

That staffer, Emily J., told investigators that Sophie “has told her on multiple occasions that ‘if she [Sophie A.] hadn’t been drunk, she would not have done it [sex with Slaton].’”

According to several complainants who spoke with the committee, Slaton repeatedly attempted to convince Sophie A. to keep the event quiet. Such actions, the report explained, “constitute further harassment and retaliation for the conduct.”

The report further detailed that, when asked by another representative whether Slaton had “invited a young staffer to your condo and you guys had sex,” Slaton admitted, “yes, that’s true.”

During the investigative hearings, neither Slaton nor his attorney, Patrick Short, “presented any exculpatory evidence at the due process hearing.”

The report also noted that “Slaton has not expressed regret or remorse for his conduct to the Committee. Slaton has not publicly expressed regret or remorse for his conduct.”

Altogether, the committee found that Slaton violated the Alcoholic Beverage Code, constituted unlawful employment practice and official oppression, engaged in inappropriate workplace conduct, and acted in a manner unbecoming of a House Member.

“Slaton’s misconduct is grave and serious,” the report described. “He took advantage of his position to engage in sexual conduct after completing training in which he had been advised that conduct of this type was harassment because of the imbalance of power.”

“It is the Committee’s unanimous recommendation that, considering the factors stated above, the only appropriate discipline in this matter is expulsion.”

In addition to Rep. Murr, the investigative committee included Ann Johnson (D-Houston), Charlie Geren (R-Fort Worth), Oscar Longoria (D-Mission), and David Spiller (R-Jacksboro).

A resolution for Slaton’s expulsion from the House was filed shortly thereafter. Rep. Murr said it was his intention to bring the privileged resolution to a vote on Tuesday, May 9.

Speaker of the House, Rep. Dade Phelan (R-Beaumont), said in a statement, “As the presiding officer of the Texas House of Representatives who will oversee proceedings related to this matter in our chamber, I withhold public comment until my colleagues have the opportunity to deliberate and then vote on the General Investigating Committee’s recommendations.”

Slaton had strongly opposed Phelan in his bid for Speaker and repeatedly attempted to prevent Phelan from continuing to appoint members of the Democrat party as committee chairs, as reported by The Dallas Express.

Other members denounced Slaton following the report’s release.

Rep. Jared Patterson (R-Frisco) tweeted, “I could not finish reading the GI Committee Report re: Bryan Slaton. It’s disturbing & disgusting that a predator like Rep. Slaton is a member of the Texas House.”

“I look forward to voting to expel Mr. Slaton and protecting the integrity of the Texas House of Representatives,” he said, adding, “My thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and her family.”

Slaton has not commented on the report and the committee’s recommendation, but his legal counsel, Patrick Short, previously denounced the complaints, calling them “outrageous allegations circulating online by second-tier media that make false claims against Representative Slaton,” per the Texan.