Rep. Justin Holland’s TikTok Flip-Flop

Rep. Justin Holland | Image by Justin Holland
Rep. Justin Holland | Image by Justin Holland

Rep. Justin Holland criticized TikTok for being “controlled by Communist China” even as his real estate company maintained the social media platform to promote him.

Holland (R-Rockwall) made a post on Facebook last month that detailed concerns about the negative impact of TikTok on children and noted the app is illegal for Texas state employees to use on work devices. However, his real estate company, Regal Realtors, has a TikTok account that features him in several videos.

The state official stressed that the Regal Realtors TikTok account has not posted a video since January 2023.

“I do not support it,” Holland told The Dallas Express of TikTok, adding that he asked his staff to delete the account. “We probably had all social accounts made.”

Holland’s Facebook post criticized pro-school choice megadonor Jeff Yass’ investments in TikTok.

“Jeff Yass has made billions investing in TikTok, which is controlled by Communist China,” he wrote. “TikTok is banned for Texas state employees and in most other states.”

Yass has spent more than $209 million over the past decade promoting school choice initiatives across the nation, according to The Dallas Morning News. Holland voted against a school choice bill that failed to pass the lower chamber last year. He faces a runoff primary election this month against pro-school choice candidate Katrina Pierson.

“Psychologists have begged parents to keep their children away from TikTok,” Holland continued. “And TikTok is credited for turning young people away from America and Israel. But Jeff Yass has two goals-keep the US government from banning TikTok and passing school vouchers. Jeff Yass is now spending millions to defeat candidates like me and to support Katrina Pierson.”

Holland is facing allegations of organizing a discounted real estate sale with one of his campaign donors, as previously reported by The Dallas Express. He countered that the attempted property sale, which he conducted as a court-appointed receiver, was ethical and priced at true market value.

“I bet you every single person I’ve sold a property for also said, ‘Let me send you a check for your campaign,’” he previously told The Dallas Express.

The sale at $750,000 was stopped following a legal dispute with the family who owns the property. It is currently listed at $1,399,999.

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