Poll Suggests Majority of Texans Are Pro-Abortion

Texas State Capitol Building | Image by Shutterstock

A recent statewide study conducted by research firm PerryUndem suggested that 60% of Texas voters support abortion access “being available in all or most cases.”

Of the 2,000 respondents, the study claimed that 28% believed abortion should be permitted in all cases, while 32% said it should be allowed in most instances. On the other hand, 29% believed it should be mostly banned, and 11% said it should never be legal to perform an abortion.

One of the findings highlighted by the study was the suggestion that 67% of Hispanic voters thought that abortion should be legal in all or most instances.

Also, the study concluded with a claim that the Texas abortion ban in effect contradicted the beliefs of “most Republicans,” though 70% of Republican men and 65% of Republican women said abortion should either never be allowed or allowed only in a few circumstances.

The survey was funded exclusively by pro-abortion organizations, including Texas Freedom Network, Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, AVOW, ACLU of Texas, Progress Texas, and the Deeds Action Fund.

Texas Freedom Network announced the survey results, writing, “A new poll … proves anti-abortion extremists are NOT the majority in Texas.”

The study concluded by claiming, “With the new trigger ban, elected officials in Texas have stepped out of touch with nine in ten constituents.”

“Our hunch,” it continued, “is leaders are still operating from outdated conventional wisdom that Texans are against abortion, that Latina/o/x voters skew anti-abortion, and that many voters view abortion through a religious lens.”

Still, other studies paint a different picture.

In a study conducted in June by the University of Texas at Austin, Hispanic people represented the largest group who believed that “by law, abortion should never be permitted,” with 17% thinking so.

An additional 25% thought abortion should only be permitted in cases of “rape, incest, or when the woman’s life is in danger.”

The study also suggested that as people got less religious, they became more vigorous advocates for allowing women abortion access. Some 73% of respondents who said religion was “not at all important” also thought that women “should always be able” to access abortion.

Political affiliation also reflected stark differences. Of Republicans, 63% said abortion should never be allowed or allowed only in extreme circumstances. A total of 79% of Democrats thought that abortion should be legal in all or nearly all cases.

Overall, 38% of the UT Austin poll’s respondents believed that “By law, a woman should always be able to obtain an abortion as a matter of personal choice.”

Texas has become the scene of extensive debate concerning abortion as the state’s trigger law went into effect on August 25.

Additionally, a federal judge recently sided with Texas’ legal case against a regulation change made by the Biden administration that requires doctors to perform an abortion in certain situations when the pregnant woman’s life is in danger, as reported by The Dallas Express.

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  1. Get Real

    This is a democracy, put the issue on the ballot and let the citizens decide just like Kansas did.

    • RiverKing

      Actually, this is a Republic. But “the issue” is on the ballot every two years when you can vote for Pro-Life candidates or against Pro-Abortion candidates. As large as Texas is, there is no excuse for not knowing how candidates for re-election have voted in the past or how they and new candidates “promise” to vote in the future

  2. Val

    Just because you won’t use something doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be available. Basing law on religious beliefs is bs. This land does not have a mandatory religion. We have freedom of religion and the lawmakers need to get their heads out of where the sun don’t shine. If they’re incapable of keeping their person thoughts out of it they shouldn’t be in office. Abortion bans don’t stop abortions, they stop safe ones. I don’t see them going after dead beat dads this hard when they don’t pay child support.


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