New Statues Unveiled at the Alamo

New Statues Unveiled at the Alamo
The historic Alamo unveiled new statues this month. | Image by SBG San Antonio

The historic Alamo in San Antonio had two new statues unveiled this month.

Representatives for the historical site stated in two Twitter posts that the statues are of Emily West Morgan and Hendrick Arnold, both key figures who helped Texas win its independence from Mexico in the 1830s.

The Mexican army kidnapped Emily West Morgan and forced her to travel with Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Legend has it that she “held the line” against the Mexican military by sharing their whereabouts with Texas troops.

Hendrick Arnold was a spy and guide for the Texas army who played a critical role in the Battle of Bexar in 1835, helping to secure a victory over the Mexican army over four days of battle.

The executive director of the Alamo Trust Inc., Kate Rogers, stated:

“These latest additions to the Alamo Briscoe Sculpture Trail are part of our effort to tell the Shrine of Texas Liberty’s story through art. The site’s collection of statues throughout the grounds will continue to grow as the implementation of the Alamo Plan progresses, providing several unique windows into our community’s past.”

Renowned artists Eddie Dixon and Ed Dwight sculpted the statues.

“We are honored to have such distinguished sculptors as Eddie Dixon and Ed Dwight help immerse our visitors in the Alamo’s complete history through their breathtaking artwork,” said Rogers.

Dixon, who created the Emily West Morgan sculpture, has public art installations featured at the Pentagon, West Point, and the U.S. State Department’s Harry S. Truman Building. He is also an NAACP George Woods Award recipient for “outstanding services in art.”

Dwight, the sculptor of the Hendrick Arnold statue, is known for his work with the St. Louis Arch Museum and the Texas African American History Memorial that sits in front of the Texas Capitol.

In addition to the unveiling of statues, the historic Alamo site will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a special event featuring local cultural and civic groups on September 17.

“Tejanos at the Alamo” will highlight the numerous significant Tejano figures who have influenced the Alamo and the larger San Antonio community, including early San Antonio settlers, 1836 Alamo Defenders and non-combatants, and more.

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