New Local ‘No Parking’ Zone

No Parking
No Parking Sign | Image by Real Window Creative/Shutterstock

Plano residents will have to be cautious about parking on a side road as a result of a new city council-approved ordinance.

The north and south sides of 13th/14th Connector, which turns into 14th Street, between G Avenue and US 75 were established as a “no parking zone” after the January 23 Plano City Council Meeting.

According to the agenda, 13th/14th Connector is only one lane for roughly 400 feet on either side, so the road can no longer support street parking.

There were also safety improvements proposed that changed lane widths to accommodate street parking along the curb near 608 13th/14th Connector. The changes will also allow for better sight distance along the curve, which is near Patriot Park Apartments.

Sight distance, according to the National Association of City Transportation Officials, refers to the length of a roadway that is visible to a driver. When sight distance is good, a driver has an unobstructed view of approaching vehicles and has adequate time to stop and avoid any obstruction — including pedestrians — that might be on the roadway.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has some of the highest rates of traffic-related injury and death among major U.S. metro areas, as previously reported by The Dallas Express.

The new “no parking zone” on 13th/14th Connector is expected to minimally affect revenue from parking fines given the area.

The Dallas Express reached out to residents in the area and a city council member to see how this ordinance would affect the community but received no response.

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