New Developments in James Younger Case

New Developments in James Younger Case
A photo of seven year old James (right) with his brother, Jude (left). | Image by The Texan

The Dallas Express has obtained court documents in the latest round of the legal fight between Jeff Younger and Anne Georgulas regarding the custody and care of their two children.

The former couples’ legal fight has been dominated by a dispute over the care of one of their children, garnering the attention of state and national media, as well as elected officials across Texas, including Governor Greg Abbott.

Georgulas refers to the child as Luna, a transgender female, while Younger fiercely insists that the child is not transgender and uses the given name James.

In 2018, Georgulas filed a lawsuit to modify the existing custody agreement between her and Younger. According to CNN, “She wanted Younger to affirm the child with a girl’s name inside and outside the home, among other requests, essentially forcing the father to embrace the child’s ‘gender expressions’.”

The following October in 2019, a jury awarded full conservatorship of the child to Georgulas, which would have allowed her to make all medical decisions unilaterally for her child, including the administration of transgender hormones or even surgeries.

However, the presiding judge, Kim Cooks, overruled the jury a few days later, awarding joint custody to both Georgulas and Younger. This decision effectively barred Georgulas from making any medical decisions for the children, including transitioning the child she calls Luna to female, without their father’s consent.

This remained largely the status quo until August 2021, when Judge Mary Brown of the 301st District Court in Dallas County awarded Georgulas exclusive domain over the child’s residence, counseling, medications, education, and extracurricular activities, citing Younger’s failure “to timely make the payments of child support, medical support, and interest as ordered, and only paid his past due support after the motion for enforcement was filed.”

Brown’s ruling contained one significant victory for Younger, which maintained that Georgulas could not unilaterally provide the child with “hormonal suppression therapy, puberty blockers, and/or transgender reassignment surgery” without the father’s consent.

Now, in an August 2022 filing in the same court, Georgulas is seeking numerous changes to the orders that currently govern the custody and care of her children with Younger.

Claiming that Younger has not seen either of his children since July 2021, Georgulas requested that the court allow her to move anywhere in the United States without informing Younger of the location, as well as the freedom to change the children’s names and to travel internationally with them without Younger’s consent.

The Dallas Express reached Jeff Younger for comment by email on this latest filing by his ex-wife. When asked about the claim that he has not seen his children in over a year, Younger said:

“Judge Mary Brown gave me supervised visitation. The visitation would cost about $400-500 per visit. The psychologists appointed by the court would not let me change my son out of a dress at those visits. I refuse to participate in the psychological, emotional, and sexual abuse of my son – so I declined to visit under those conditions.”

Younger also claims he has attempted to speak to his children by phone numerous times but asserts that Georgulas has refused to allow that. He also claims he has written several letters but has “no indication” that his children have ever received them.

Younger also claims that Georgulas’ request to be allowed to move anywhere within the United States is a veiled attempt to move to a state more permissive of transitioning children’s genders, gain full custody of their children in its court system, and make medical decisions without his consent.

“She will finally be able to legally castrate my son,” claimed Younger.

Younger claims his ultimate goal is to “save my son and other Texas children” through political action and awareness.

“All I want to do is raise my son with the 50-50 custody ordered in the previous trial. This judge, Mary Brown, has determined that raising my son as a boy warrants removal of my parental rights. If this can happen to me, it can happen to any parent in Texas,” said Younger.

The Dallas Express reached out to Georgulas’ attorney Jessica Janicek by email and requested comment on the latest filing as well as several of Younger’s claims.

Janicek replied, “Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the case due to the sensitive nature of the topics, the goal to keep the children’s lives as private as possible, and the injunctions in this case about discussing the litigation to the public (in an effort to protect the children).”

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  1. William McBreen

    The ultimate form of child abuse, and done in cahoots with lawyers and judges.

  2. Jeff Morgan

    There are many allegations of unethical conduct by Jessica Janicek of Koons Fuller Law Firm. As a court watcher, I have seen her in court on at least half a dozen occasions. At one point, she tried to introduce evidence against me to prejudice Judge Kim Cooks against me, simply because I investigated the Younger case and interviewed Mr. Younger.

    From what I have seen, I think Jezebel – I mean Jessica – is a great manipulator. For full disclosure, I have filed a complaint with the Department of Family Protective Services against her for enabling and facilitating child abuse. She may have sold her soul to evil, but I doubt if she would let anyone do to her four children what she is trying to do to James Younger.

  3. McDaniel Jerry

    Family court is the most corrupt institution in the United States. The ruling was set do to not paying child support, the state gets paid billable hours per dollar of child support. In other words this was done solely for profit

  4. Jeff Younger

    The article errs in one major respect. The 2019 jury did NOT award “full conservatorship of the child to Georgulas.” The jury decline to name either parent as sole managing conservator. The jury left both parents as joint managing conservators. Dallas Express should correct this article.

    Judge Kim Cooks awarded Mr. Younger 50-50 custody and no child support in the final verdict and judgment.

    Judge Mary Brown has illegally refused to implement the final order. Her recent rulings all aim at one object: to remove the father and allow Ms. Georgulas to transition the boy to a girl.

  5. Elle Woods Jr.

    Never keep child abuse private.

  6. Anna

    Pray that the father gets joint custody of these children. Supporting Transgenderism for a child is ABUSE period!! Liberal judges will always support this abuse of a child!! Satan is thriving in liberal circles!!

    • Faith

      Now, as of October 2022 he has fully lost custody. Matthew 18:6
      Pure evil! This Should be Proof there is a devil and if there’s a devil surely there’s a God whom we can turn to.

  7. nance

    Why doesn’t Mr. Younger put the child support payments in an account for the boys as proof he is paying child support just to an account for the future of the boys? Also provide James with jeans and pink shirt and shoes during supervised visits. Maybe it’s a phase he is going through like Shiloh Pitt and will realize he is infact a boy. Call him Jamie which is a nickname for James. It may be seen as compromise in eyes of court and lead to more in his favor.

    My ex-husband was always telling one of our daughters she was the son he never had. This was 35 years ago. She dressed anyway she wanted and was herself. Lots of people said things and criticized me and her. She wanted to be a skated and i let her get a skater haircut. My theory is hair grows back or can be cut, whatever. She came to me one day and asked to have her room painted pink because she was a girl.

    Boys can go through a phase watching their moms put makeup on and dress up and want to have the fun of it. I dressed up my brother in makeup and my clothes when he was younger. He is definitely not mistaken as a girl now.

    We do need to stop this agenda of forcing and allowing others to force Trans on our children. If you are gay, lesbian, bi or whatever live your life go ahead but don’t force it on others.

    My grandson has had two attempts by predators in his on-line games trying to convince him he is gay. It got to the point at 8 he informed those of us close to him he was gay and wanted to know if we would still love him. The predators told him we wouldn’t. Our answers were yes of course we would but didn’t think he was but HE could make the choice for HIMSELF when he was older.

    Let children be children without the schools and government and medical fields indoctrinating unethical our children for their own agendas.


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