Federal officials are allowing members of the media to visit a previously closed off detention center for illegal immigrants in Texas, according to a report by Current Revolt:

“Located just minutes from South Padre Island, a former military installation has been transformed into a secretive “processing center” for “migrants,” and public access has been cut off since the Covid lockdowns.

“After a few migrants died at the facility and a whistleblower exposed habitually clogged toilets, Port Isabel Service Processing Center recently opened its doors to the media to show the world its many upgraded amenities.

“In recent years, the facility was known for housing Guatemalan gang members on their final stop before being deported.

“Whether a foreigner is a known killer, or they simply ran out of money to pay the next bribe, sometimes a small percentage of illegal aliens are removed from America using a rare technique called ‘deportation.’ Donald Trump, while serving in his capacity as the Greatest President Ever, had his administration hilariously saying he was going to start sending migrant children to the Port Isabel gang unit to be deported with the criminals.

“Today, inmates in Port Isabel are 100% military-aged men and are assigned a particular color to wear when they arrive.”

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