Haven for Hope celebrated a number of its clients over the weekend who graduated from its rehousing program and are moving on with their lives.

As reported by The Dallas Express, Haven for Hope is a homeless services provider in San Antonio. The nonprofit utilizes a “one-stop-shop” model, providing its clients with critical services on the same site where it maintains transitional housing.

“Our graduates and their families listened to an inspirational speech by San Antonio Assistant City Manager, Lori Houston and closing remarks by our President and CEO, Kim Jefferies, before walking the stage to receive their diplomas,” Haven for Hope wrote on its Facebook page.

“Afterward, everyone enjoyed refreshments and cake to celebrate this momentous occasion. Congrats, grads! You worked hard to make this reality possible. We are so proud of you!”

In a previous interview, Terri Behling, Haven for Hope’s communications director, explained to DX how the organization’s program requires the clients who stay at its “Transformational Campus” to remain sober and commit to getting their lives back on track by taking advantage of the range of services on offer.

“Because each individual is in a different situation, their plan is going to look different. What does housing look like for them? What can they afford? What assistance do they need? … All of those things are taken into consideration,” she said. “What if my housing plan is to reunite with my family? That’s fine. We will work with you. How are you going to reunite with your family? [Do] you need to take care of a mental health issue? Is it anger management classes?”

As previously reported by DX, an economic impact report credited Haven for Hope’s one-stop-shop model, reducing unsheltered homelessness in San Antonio’s downtown area by 77% since it first opened.

Commenting on this weekend’s graduation, an attendee named David Carver wrote on Facebook, “It was a fantastic event, so great to talk to ex residents and hear their success stories. Kim is always a pleasure to talk to, her genuine love shines though. As for Lori, wow !! What a speech, so heartfelt. Looked around and all the staff were clapping and wiping away their own tears.”

The City of Dallas has yet to experiment with the one-stop-shop strategy despite the model polling favorably among residents. Some local stakeholders are looking to bring such a homeless services operation to Dallas, but it remains to be seen whether City officials will sign off on such a project.

Meanwhile, roughly 75% of Dallas residents think homelessness, vagrancy, and panhandling continue to be “major” problems throughout the City.