Feds Target DFW Doc Who Blew Whistle on Secret Trans Program

Texas Children's Hospital | Image by JHVEPhoto/Shutterstock

The whistleblower doctor at Texas Children’s Hospital who exposed lies about the hospital’s administration of transgender hormones for minors has gone public with his identity after federal agents reportedly launched an investigation into him. 

Eithan Haim, now a general surgeon in the Dallas area, was the anonymous source for a story from activist Christopher Rufo in May. Rufo’s report included documents showing that Texas Children’s Hospital continued to provide transgender hormones to minors after it promised not to do so.

Agents of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) showed up at Haim’s house weeks after he anonymously leaked the documents to inform him he was under investigation, the doctor said in his first public interviews Wednesday with Rufo and the Daily Wire.

The documents provided by Haim showed that the Houston-based children’s hospital, which is the largest in the country, secretly gave hormone inhibitors to children as young as 11 years old. Haim accessed the documents while he worked at the hospital as a resident doctor at Baylor College of Medicine.

Texas Children’s Hospital had stated in March that it would stop providing transgender procedures after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued an opinion that deemed them child abuse. However, the documents showed doctors continued to provide hormone inhibitors and transgender hormones to minors. 

The Texas Legislature passed a bill to ban transgender procedures on minors two days after the story was published.

Haim said he was pleased to see his whistleblowing lead to such swift justice in Texas but was horrified weeks later when federal agents appeared at his door to inform him of their investigation. 

“At first, you’re completely shocked. You don’t know what to do. You kind of just freak out. It was an utter shock initially,” he told The Dallas Express.

He said it was no coincidence that HHS planned the surprise on the day of his graduation from his medical residency.

“The hospital was conducting something very questionable and illegal and lying to the public about it. Then I’m the one being investigated, with agents showing up to my apartment the day of my graduation, a few hours before the ceremony, with my parents there, which was, of course, likely planned, in my opinion,” he continued. 

The Department of Justice did not respond to a request for comment regarding the status of the investigation.

The Texas Children’s Hospital did not respond to a request for comment.

The only way to counter this relentless push by the medical establishment and federal government to allow transgender procedures on children, Haim said, is for more doctors like himself to speak up.

“You go into medical school, you do your surgical training because you want to protect patients from diseases,” he told DX. “But you’d never imagine that you would protect patients from the hospital.”

“When you’re in a situation where that becomes necessary, it becomes part of your professional and medical obligation to do so,” he continued. “Because your responsibility is to the patient, and if you see something bad happening to them, you have to do something about it. If you do not, you’re violating your oath.”

Haim added he understands why some doctors may hesitate to speak up on this issue for fear of their career. The solution, he said, is a coordinated movement that counters the medical establishment. 

“When I spoke out, there was nothing in place to help people on the other side,” he explained. “We’re trying to build opportunities for other doctors to speak out with confidence there is infrastructure in place to help them.”

“By not fighting now, they’re just ensuring that the fight is going to be worse for future generations,” he continued. 

The hope, Haim said, is that the U.S. begins coordinated efforts to walk back access to transgender procedures for minors as several European countries have in past years. Norway, Finland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom have either paused or ended the use of transgender hormones, hormone inhibitors, or surgeries to treat children with gender dysphoria. 

Haim said he’s felt welcomed by the Dallas area for his professional perspective and expertise. But this is not the case for most doctors, he said, who are aware their career could be ruined by relentless activists who refuse to back down from their harmful obsession with gender ideology.

“In order to conserve their own personal security, they have to destroy anyone who speaks the truth because that truth shines a necessary light on their own shame and degradation,” he told The Dallas Express. “At this point, so much of the medical establishment has bought into things that are provably and reliably untrue.”

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