Texas Congressman Vicente Gonzalez appeared to backtrack on his support for President Joe Biden amid intraparty calls for Biden to end his re-election campaign.

Rep. Gonzalez (D-TX) praised Biden in recent days amid concerns about the president’s debate performance Thursday. However, the congressman seemingly hedged this support Wednesday when asked if he continues to support Biden’s campaign.

“We have to let the process run its course, but I’m confident in Democrats because at the end of the day, the Republicans have put a downright liar and indicted criminal as their candidate,” Gonzalez told The Dallas Express on Wednesday.

“Let’s not forget Trump’s lies at the debate,” he continued. “Donald Trump is an obstructionist, and the American people will see who provides real results.”

Gonzalez did not elaborate on what “process” he referred to. The statement does not reference Biden specifically, which marks a sharp contrast to comments he made as recently as yesterday.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) called on Biden to end his campaign Tuesday, as The Dallas Express reported, citing his struggles in the debate last week against former President Donald Trump. In response, fellow Democrat and Texan Congressman Gonzalez told The Texas Tribune he found Doggett’s statement to be “ironic.”

“We have a 77-year-old asking an 81-year-old not to run,” Gonzalez said at the time. “I really believe folks are jumping the gun.”

Similarly, Gonzalez voiced adamant support for Biden in a statement given to the Rio Grande Guardian the same day.

“I’ve spent hours with the President. I flew down with him in Air Force One to the Rio Grande Valley. I’ve spent hours with the president, and he’s always been engaged,” he said. “He’s been a critical thinker.”

Although Gonzalez admitted that the debate didn’t go well, he asked Americans to refrain from “sum[ming] up the entire presidential race on those 90 minutes.”

“Furthermore, I think we should wait and see a second debate and a third debate,” he continued. “Now, he’s 81, going on 82 years old. So, of course, he’s not going to be like you are when you’re 50 years old. But let me tell you, he’s an honest man. He’s a hardworking person. And he’s probably the only person that can defeat Donald Trump.”

Biden allegedly told a close ally he is considering dropping out of the presidential race, The New York Times reported Wednesday. The White House denied the report.

Twenty-five House Democrats are expected to call on Biden to drop out, Reuters reported Tuesday night.

Several polls conducted after Thursday’s debate showed Trump extending his lead. However, the Biden campaign sent a memo to staff this week showing a tight race, Politico reported.

Gonzalez faces a tight race of his own against former Rep. Mayra Flores, according to data from the National Republican Congressional Committee.